>30 Courses to Die For

>I’ve been meaning to post about great training resources for my beloved After Effects, but here’s something even better; training for the entire video / animation / graphics / broadcasting / film business.

Regular readers know how I’m a big fan of fxphd.com and that you can’t get any more current and professional training even for ten times the price of one term. I’ve been a member from the start, and believe me; you won’t get as much value for your money anywhere else!

You have 30 courses to choose from, ranging from motion graphics in AE with Tim Clapham and typography with Frank Jonen, to RED production and 3D tracking.

Here’s a complete list of available courses. The term starts on January 14, 2008, but you can join later and have access to all the classes you’ve signed up for.

If you want to know more about fxphd, take a look at the fxphd Tour Movie and the Orientation Week movie (torrent link) that covers all the upcoming classes. There’s also a great FAQ.

Oh, if you enter humlan in the Referring Member field on the signup page, I’ll get an extra class, which would be really nice. Thanks in advance!

- Jonas

6 Responses to >30 Courses to Die For

  1. Austin

    >so what are you taking? I’m leaning toward maya, nuke, and the either red for post class or the photography for VFX. There are a lot of good classes!

    One thing I like about fxPHD is you can sample all the classes for the first few weeks so you can sample them all before you commit.

  2. Jonas Hummelstrand


    I’m definitely taking Tim’s AE class, and I’m kinda interested in the Motion course. The PHT202 looks interesting as well. RED202 is a given, I love to dream about being on the cutting edge. The Sysadmin course looks like it might be good to have under the belt as well. I’m an old typography geek, so if that class seems advanced enough I’ll try that as well.

    I’ve already taken all the introductory classes for Maya, Nuke and Shake (although I must confess to not having had time to watch every one of them.)

  3. Melissa

    >Thanks for your post about FXPHD… I had forgotten about them. So I signed up this semester and used your name as a referral so make sure you get your free class.

    I’m taking the AE Broadcast Design class, the Digital photography class, and the Sysadmin class.

  4. Jonas Hummelstrand

    >Thanks Melissa!

  5. Adam


    I’ve come across your blog several times and have signed up for fxphd and used your name for the referring member – so another class should be yours.

    I’m probably going to be taking the AE for Compositors, AE Broadcast Design and probably the typography course.

    Thanks for leading the way to the courses and keep up the great blog!

    Adam R.

  6. Jonas Hummelstrand

    >Thanks Adam!

    Yes, Mark Christiansen’s course is great, and the typography is tempting but I’m afraid it will be too basic since I’ve been interested in typography for 15 years. The good thing is that you can sample the first two of all classes before you decide which ones to pick!