>AE Preset: Scaling a Motion Path

>If you’ve set up an After Effects animation with lot’s of position keyframes, you probably know that you can move the entire animation around by parenting the moving object to a null, and then move the null. But if you suddenly want to scale the animation path without scaling the moving object itself, you’re in for a hard time. After watching Aharon Rabinowitz’s very complicated method of getting around the problem of not being able to scale a motion path, I thought to myself; "there must be an easier way" and decided to use this as an excuse to dip my toe in the pool of expressions. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that Aaron spends so much time on all his great AE tutorials and AE podcasts! Here’s an After Effects 7.0 Animation Preset that you can apply to a layer with an animation, and then just scale the animation to your heart’s content. If you want to rotate the animation, just parent it to a null, and rotate the null! Download preset Scale MotionPaths (ZIP-file, 1 KB) Of course there’s a way to both scale and rotate without the help of a null. I asked the expressions-guru Dan Ebberts who instantly whipped up this preset that will let you do both: Download preset Scale and Rotate MotionPaths (ZIP-file, 1 KB)
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9 Responses to >AE Preset: Scaling a Motion Path

  1. ae user

    >Hello Jonas,
    I tried to use the expression, but in AE7 (German) it does not work. I applied the ffx to an animated solid. The error message says “Class “Effect” doesn’t have an instance or method called “Slider”. Expression deactivated.” (translated from German AE)…

  2. Jonas Hummelstrand

    >I’ve just tried both mine and Dan’s Animation preset, and both work fine in AE 7.0.1 Professional on Windows XP. Might it be a problem with quotation marks in German?
    Please create a new project with a simple solid in it, and then animate its position with a couple of keyframes. Do you still get the same error when applying any of the presets?

    - Jonas

  3. plicktzah

    >”Slider” has to be renamed “Schieberegler” in German Versions of AE7. There are similar problems with other words, too. Best solution: Trial and error.

  4. Anonymous

    >does that plugin work for a motion path in a 3d environment?

    thank you

  5. Jonas Hummelstrand

    >It’s an Animation preset, not a plugin, but yes, it should work as a motion path is just a position animation created from a path/mask shape.

  6. Frederico

    >thank you so much. Really helps me, this one

  7. dan

    >I have a null that moves in a handheld fashion with LOTS of postion keyframes. the client just said, “It moves to much” I thought i was gonna have to do alot of work to scale all the postion keyframes down. But wait! I just found this expression that does it for you! BAM! I leaving home early. Thanks for this one!

  8. Erwin

    >Wow, you just saved my day. Thanks a lot!

  9. Cy Porter

    >I back your efforts but both presets did not scale the motion path- they only changed the position.