>After Effects CS4 Will Not Work on PPC Macs

>The next version of After Effects (CS4) is dropping support for PPC Macs. While this may upset some people, I think it’s better to spend development effort on new features and an improved software rather than supporting legacy hardware.

A cheap PC or Mac that will run AE just as fast or faster than an old top-of-the-line PPC Mac costs under $600. If you don’t want to upgrade your hardware you’ll need to stay on After Effects CS3 (but remember it won’t be sold anymore once CS4 is shipping.)

Read more about the reasoning behind focusing on the newer platforms on Product Manager Michael Coleman’s blog.

- Jonas

Photo by Dan Dickinson

8 Responses to >After Effects CS4 Will Not Work on PPC Macs

  1. George P.Schnyder

    >Damn. Wanted to buy the CS4 for the Mac, as I have the CS3 for the PC…

    Well, looks like I need to rethink this..


  2. Jonas Hummelstrand

    >An upgrade is cheaper than a new license, but since older version of AE can’t open projects created in newer versions, you’d still be stuck…

  3. Anonymous

    >Bla bla bla it’s fine but… could CS4 team take out the annoying fx of fade on/off the tool bars, we wana work not to have especial fx on the toolbars men.

  4. Jonas Hummelstrand

    >Huh? “Fade on/off the toolbars”? Could you please explain what you mean?

  5. Bruno

    >thats a windows setting, not an AE setting… i think.

  6. DWalla

    >I’m OK with CS4 being MacIntel only… but where is my 64-bit support? I’m getting awfully sick of the 3GB RAM limitation for AE.

  7. Jonas Hummelstrand

    >You are aware of the 3rd party plugin “Nucleo Pro” and AE’s built-in use of multi-processor use, right? Sure, it’s not a complete replacement for a 64-bit native AE that we will hopefully see in the future, but it’s a start:




  8. professional resume writers

    >Could you please explain what you mean?

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