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Behind-the-Scenes of ILM

Here's an interesting but hard-to-read look at the VFX for Pirates of the Carribean, including some light reading on motion capture, plus some behind-the-scenes videos and images.

Considering how superb the work looked when viewed on the screen, it's a fascinating read, even though the messed-up Flash typography leaves you teary-eyed.

ILM: The Show

Thanks to Chris Zwar for the tip!

- Jonas



Photoshop CS3 Public Beta Now Available for Download

Within the next 24 hours the public beta of Photoshop CS3 will be posted to Adobe Labs.
All you need to run it is a valid serial number for Photoshop CS2.

More links:

Photoshop CS3 forums

Photoshop Product Manager John Nack's blog with links to videos and tips

Photoshop CS3 Beta One-on-One Preview with Deke McClelland at

The ten hottest features in the public beta according to NAPP

CS3 in action video

Official FAQ about the public beta (PDF)

Adobe Press release

Here's just some of the improvements, but I'm sure others will chime in as soon as the download is posted...

Better Selections
I love how the new super-cool Quick Selection Tool let's you just paint of the relevant parts of what you want to select. Together with the Refine Edge dialog you can very quickly make complex selections that previously had to be hand-painted when the Magic Wand couldn't cope anymore.

Better Cloning
You can now get an overlay of your clone source to help you align everything better, plus transform to cloning.

Non-destructive Filters
Now you don't have to do your photo editing in After Effects anymore, since Photoshop CS3 makes it possible to apply Smart Filters, which will let you tweak parameters and turn filters on and off. Third-party filters will have to be updated to be able to be applied non-destructively.

- Jonas

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After Effects 7.0.1 Available for Download

The list of fixes is long, and the most welcome one for Mac users is that the different flavors of the "unable to unhide" bug has been fixed.

Go get it...

Release notes and download for Mac

Release notes and download for Windows

Of course, this update -- like all minor updates to AE -- is backwards-compatible with the latest main release, in this case 7.0, so projects saved in 7.0.1 can be opened in 7.0.

- Jonas