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Absolute Curves in After Effects: Beta-test This Cool Plugin

If you're on Windows, please help the good people at Frischluft to beta test this long-awaited plugin that brings curves to After Effects. I've been a Levels-guy myself, but when you start to use the revamped Curves in the Photoshop CS3 beta, you quickly get hooked.

The plugin seems a bit unstable, but with a lot of power. It's Windows-only right now.

Absolute Curves Beta

- Jonas


Premiere is Back on the Mac

Adobe is giving Apple a run for its NLE-money when it will bring Premiere Pro as part of the next version of the Production Studio Bundle, which was previously only available for Windows.

There's no mention of any new features in the official press release, but the next version of the bundle will be available "mid 2007" and will also include another new Mac software: Encore DVD.

- Jonas

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