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Mask Per Vertex Like the Pros

Here's a cheap and easy way to get around one of the most asked for After Effects features: per-vertex masking. PV Feather is only $70, works in 32bpc and supports everything from version 6.5 to CS3.

The only downside I can see is that as an effect I presume there's no shortcuts, which is essential for big rotoscoping jobs. Also, hardcore roto artists will note that it uses Bezièr curves (just like regular AE masks) rather than B-splines.

RE:Vision Effects: PV Feather

- Jonas



The Buggiest Software Ever :-(

It's so sad when a great promise turns out to be totally worthless. I've worked for almost 14 hours straight to try to get Antics3D to work. After over 40 crashes, and adrenaline flowing out of my ears, it's pretty clear that I will never buy this software...

- Jonas