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Import FCP Projects into After Effects

Dale at Creative Workflow Hacks keep churning out useful scripts. Lately he's been focusing on his FCPToAE script, and there's new updates almost every week, including CS3 compatibility.

- Jonas

Photo by Joel Washing

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How to Optimize Photoshop for Giant Images

The inside story on how to get maximum performance from Photoshop when working on very large files, courtesy of Scott Byer from the Photoshop team.

You'll want to look at the PDF in Adobe Acrobat, since OS X's Preview app won't render the text correctly. Conspiracy? :)

Another tip is to check out Russel Brown's scripts for Photoshop.

- Jonas

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P2/MXF Supported in New Premiere Pro CS3 Patch

The next patch to Premiere Pro CS3 (3.1) will import and output P2 media and MXF files natively without transcoding, rewrapping or conforming.

Update Oct 18: The 3.1 patch is now available via Adobe Updater (choose Update from the Help menu inside any Adobe CS3 application.)

Also, Dave Helmly from Adobe has put together a video demo of Premiere Pro 3.1.

Update Oct 24: There's more info on P2 workflow in the LiveDocs:
Import assets in Panasonic P2 format
About spanned clips from Panasonic P2 media
Export to Panasonic P2 format

- Jonas

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