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QuickTime 7.3 Posted: Better or Worse than 7.2?

Apple just posted QuickTime 7.3 for all platforms. I'm still on 7.1.x on many of my machines because of numerous reported problems with 7.2.

If you've been brave enough to update and are seeing problems, please post a comment.

- Jonas


Updated After Effects Troubleshooting Tips

I just wanted to bump my own post about Troubleshooting After Effects since I've updated it with lots of new tips, links and even an quick illustration.

- Jonas



Blue Screen of Leopard

I'm writing this in Windows XP on my Mac Pro, since I'm getting the Blue Screen of Death after installing Mac OS X Leopard. I'm truly enjoying the benefits of a closed system from a single vendor... ;-/

Apple claims it's some APE software that I don't have, and apparently I'm not the only one with a Leopard installation problem. Apparently Logitech drivers install APE.

It's at times like these that I wish I had listened to myself.

These arcane Unix commands worked, but remember to remove the Leopard DVD first, and type everything really carefully since you don't get any warnings if you mistyped anything. You need to find the correct keys if you are on a non-English keyboards. I found the / and - keys on a Swedish keyboard (type - and +.)

After running OS X 10.5.0 for 30 minutes, I'm sitting here wondering what's new and exciting. Using Apple's list of 300+ new features to navigate around Leopard, I'm still not finding anything that makes me glad I updated, other than these funny ones:
  • "The active application window stands out with a deeper drop shadow and a distinctive toolbar color. One look at Leopard and you’ll know you’re in for something special."
  • "Empty the Trash from the Trash itself with the Empty Trash button"
  • "Easily delete Windows and restore the disk space being used by the Windows partition back to Mac OS X."
Where are the "Wow, dude, you've gotta see this" features? I would have settled for being able to resize a window from any edge, or avoiding the spinning beach ball when waiting for network drives. However, some people feel differently: "Leopard will have the same effect that the Macintosh 128 had on computing." I must be drinking the wrong kool-aid.

In all fairness, it seems like it's the stuff under-the-hood that we're supposed to be excited by. I'm all for geekery, but since I tend to like cross-platform apps, I need a really cool app to make me go for single-OS solutions.

- Jonas