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What happens in Vegas doesn't stay there

Stuck at home? Me too...

Here's how to keep tabs on NAB. I'll keep on updating the links as we go...

Basically, if you want the latest as it happens, get a account and follow the people below!
If you are actually at NAB, the nice people at has written an fxguided Tour: Getting the Most Out of NAB

Oh, if someone could please record this key-note, I'd be a happy camper.

What sites did I miss? Write a comment and I'll add them...

- Jonas (also on Twitter since today)

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Don't Miss the New Term at

Regular readers know I'm a big fan of and that you can't get any more current and professional training even for ten times the price. I've been a member from the start, and the things I've picked up from the past seven terms come in useful every day in my work.

I'm hoping to shoot a documentary in the fall, and can with confidence say "I really think we should rent a Red One for this shoot" based on that I know I have both fxphd's training and forum discussions to lean on for figuring out the workflow. Priceless...

Last term Tim Clapham held a great course on motion graphics in After Effects, and this term he's in charge of a Cinema 4D course. And the creator of 250 HD effects shots in 5 months holds an After Effects course.

I really enjoyed the Photography for VFX course last term which is repeated this term, and I am happy to see a SynthEyes course that I will definitely take.

Here's a complete list of available courses. The term starts on April 14 2008, but you can join later and have access to all the classes you've signed up for.

If you want to know more about fxphd, take a look at the fxphd Tour Movie. There's also a great FAQ and the Orientation Week movie (torrent link) that covers all the upcoming classes.

Oh, if you enter humlan in the Referring Member field on the signup page, I'll get an extra class, which would be really nice. Thanks in advance!

- Jonas

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Photoshop CS4 Will Be 64-bit on Windows Only

What does this mean for you as a Photoshop user? That working with large images on Windows Vista64 machines will be a lot faster. Don't expect everything to be faster in 64-bit, though, as Photoshop architect Scott Byers wrote in 2006.

So why won't the OS X version of Photoshop CS4 be 64-bit when the recently posted Lightroom 2.0 beta is 64-bit? All "older" Mac applications such as Photoshop, After Effects and even Apple's Final Cut Pro and iTunes are developed on the Carbon framework. Last year Apple canceled the 64-bit roadmap for Carbon so only applications built on the newer Cocoa framework will be able to be 64-bit-enabled, even though Steve Jobs in 2006 said "You can have fully native 64-bit UI Carbon or Cocoa applications."

For more in-depth explanations (and conspiracy comments) please see Adobe Product Manager John Nack's blog. There's also an FAQ: Plans for 64-bit processing support in Photoshop (PDF.)

It's still unclear if Photoshop CS4 will run on Windows XPx64 or if Vista64 (oh, the horror!) will be required.

- Jonas