>Being Stuck on One Side of the Fence

>In the early 90′s I was an Apple zealot, hanging out at BBS:es where the finer details of ResEdit and System 6 were discussed. Since then, I’ve left the cult of Mac and have never looked back. But now, the recent Mac Pros have awakened a craving for a dual-boot machine where all the options can be available again — if, and only if, it wasn’t for all my licenses…

I can’t be the only one who suddenly feels trapped by my license investments, can I? So many of my programs exist on both platforms, but I only have licenses for Windows. Buying extra licenses for OS X just to avoid rebooting, or running these apps via virtualization doesn’t seem like real options. Who can I blame for being stuck only in Win land, but the vendors that force me to choose only one platform?

I’d gladly give up printed manuals, boxes and physical media if I could only use Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, After Effects, ImageModeler and all my AE plugins, regardless of OS.


One Response to >Being Stuck on One Side of the Fence

  1. Gary Berendsen

    >Feel your pain mate…
    Have all OSX licenses and a DUO for Lightwave which is cool.
    I want to dual boot and run more on the windows side but only 1 app has dual os license…