>Best Reel Ever

>Designer/Slash/Model makes all other reel wrappers look pretty mediocre.

- Jonas

8 Responses to >Best Reel Ever

  1. Blair


  2. Jacques Boulogne

    >Just great…

  3. scmauliffe

    >I’m just curious—because the content is so great, but the people, are they for real? Like am I missing a joke—are they the actual designers or is it a joke? I’m hoping for joke…

    The work is amazing though.

  4. Jonas Hummelstrand


    I’m guessing the dialog is genuine (“Z-space,”) but they are way too good looking to be working in this business. :-)

  5. Motionworks

    >Wonderful Jonas, thanks for posting.

  6. Dan Masq

    >lmao “I edit standing up.” But seriously, there’s no way you could have sit in front of after effects that long, gotten that good at it, and be in that good of shape.. unless you’re doing crunches and pushups while rendering?? hmm…

  7. Ratha

    >this ish is hilarious!

  8. Anonymous

    >Hey, Walter Murch edits standing up, so it is possible. He says thats how surgeons work.