>Better Corner Pinning with Mocha

>When you import tracking data from Mocha, you get the four corners applied to the Corner Pin effect. To get better edges, use the same data but apply it to the CC PowerPin effect instead, which has better edge anti-aliasing and also supports expanding the layer outside the actual tracking points.
Just line up the corners of the two effects on the first frame and copy the keyframes from the Corner Pin effect and paste it into a CC PowerPin effect, or link each point with an expression.

- Jonas

Tip by Danny Princz on AE-list

7 Responses to >Better Corner Pinning with Mocha

  1. danny princz

    >thanks jonas

  2. Anonymous

    >I’m working with Mocha and am very impressed. How do you apply the same data to CC PowerPin?

    I’ve tried selecting the effect and hitting paste to no avail. I have the free CC PowerPin which comes with AE CS3. Perhaps this feature is only available from purchased/upgraded Cyclone plug-ins?

  3. Jonas Hummelstrand

    >Haven’t had time to try this myself, so I can’t really help you. You can search the AE-list archives to find Danny’s original thread.

  4. Anonymous

    >Thanks Jonas,
    I don’t think I found his orginal thread (partly because I couldn’t find a ‘Danny Princz’), but I did find some relevant info that I’ll try.

  5. Anonymous

    >I did find the post. The ‘AE-list’ link in your blog’s post clearly takes you there. I don’t how I missed that. Once just copies and pastes from the Corner Pin effect to the CC PowerPin from corner to each respective corner.

  6. Jonas Hummelstrand

    >I updated the link so it would go directly to his post. :)

  7. danny princz

    >after you apply your track in ae as the standard corner pin, apply power pin, then you can either copy, or cut and paste the keyframes, from one effect to the other.

    you have to do it one corner at a time, pasting to the appropriate corner, but its very quick to do.