>Don’t Miss the New Term at

>Regular readers know I’m a big fan of and that you can’t get any more current and professional training even for ten times the price. I’ve been a member from the start, and the things I’ve picked up from the past seven terms come in useful every day in my work. I’m hoping to […]

>Locking After Effects’ Layers So They Can’t Be Moved

>UPDATE:You can lock the position with a script put together by Jalea. If you want to lock more properties, Jeff Almasol (scripter extraordinaire) pointed out that Nab has a script that locks/unlocks all properties. Also, check out his plug-in experiments and scripting experiments. Truly amazing! ********************************** When you lock a layer in After Effects, you […]

>QuickTime 7.4.1 Fixes Rendering Bug

>Those who were too fast to upgrade to QuickTime 7.4 were bitten by rendering problems, not only in After Effects, but also in RED and even Final Cut Pro. Apple just posted a patch that is designed specifically to fix these issues: QuickTime 7.4.1 for Leopard QuickTime 7.4.1 for Tiger QuickTime 7.4.1 for Panther QuickTime […]

>After Effects 8.0.2 Update Available Now

>The update just went live via Adobe Updater (choose Update… from within a CS3 application) or via the web (8.0.2 for OS X and 8.0.2 for Windows) but before you do, please note that you should avoid QuickTime 7.4 at all cost, since the iTunes DRM causes rendering errors in all versions of After Effects. […]

>30 Courses to Die For

>I’ve been meaning to post about great training resources for my beloved After Effects, but here’s something even better; training for the entire video / animation / graphics / broadcasting / film business. Regular readers know how I’m a big fan of and that you can’t get any more current and professional training even […]

>Avoid QuickTime 7.4 for Now

>UPDATE: QuickTime 7.4.1 Fixes Rendering Bug ******************* Just like with QuickTime 7.2, the newly updated QuickTime 7.4 seems to be creating problems when rendering, not only from After Effects but even from FinalCut Pro. People report getting a errors like: After Effects error: opening movie – you do not have permission to open this file […]

>Better Corner Pinning with Mocha

>When you import tracking data from Mocha, you get the four corners applied to the Corner Pin effect. To get better edges, use the same data but apply it to the CC PowerPin effect instead, which has better edge anti-aliasing and also supports expanding the layer outside the actual tracking points.Just line up the corners […]

>Updated After Effects Troubleshooting Tips

>I just wanted to bump my own post about Troubleshooting After Effects since I’ve updated it with lots of new tips, links and even an quick illustration. – Jonas _________ From _________

>Opening After Effects Projects in an Earlier Version

>So you want to open a project saved in After Effects CS3 in an earlier version like After Effects 7.0? Wish there was a way to avoid redoing your entire project just because a client hasn’t upgraded yet? Wish that Adobe would let you do a Save to XML just like in Final Cut Pro? […]

>Planar Tracking for After Effects

>There’s a lot of things you can do with After Effects’ pixel-based tracker, but they require good footage and a willingness to experiment and tweak the tracks to get usable results. The biggest drawback is that if any of the points become distorted (by motion blur, grain or perspective shift) or move off screen, you […]

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