>Best VFX, Graphics and Animation Training Starts New Term

>So you think you already know everything you need to do your work? Think again… has been a big success and when it now enters the fifth term of training, there’s even more cutting-edge courses for anyone in the video / animation / graphics / broadcasting / film business. I’ve been a member from […]

>Import FCP Projects into After Effects

>Dale at Creative Workflow Hacks keep churning out useful scripts. Lately he’s been focusing on his FCPToAE script, and there’s new updates almost every week, including CS3 compatibility. – Jonas Photo by Joel Washing _________ From _________

>The Reason AE CS3 is Faster On Windows than on OS X

>Surprised that After Effects CS3 is faster on Windows XP than on Mac OS X on the same hardware? There’s two reasons that the current OS X version of After Effects is slower:1. The code generated by Apple’s compiler is not quite as fast as the Windows compilers that Adobe uses.2. Windows XP has been […]

>DPI in Video: Totally Useless

> DPI = dots per inch is only relevant when you output digital images to an output device, such as a printer (or a display,) since DPI is a measure of how many of pixels the output device will show on a line that is one inch long. That means that the DPI measurement is […]

>Troubleshooting After Effects (all versions)

>Having problems, crashes or installation errors with After Effects 7.0 or After Effects CS3 (8.0) or CS4 (9.0)? Here’s a collection of tried and true remedies, but before you start reinstalling and trashing things, make sure you’ve tried to locate what part of your AE project is causing the problems. Start by isolating the problem: […]

>What You Need to Know Before Installing any CS3 Applications

> Deactivate all previous CS3 versionsIf you’ve had any pre-release, public beta versions or if you’re simply reinstalling, make sure you open each program and choose “Deactivate…” from the Help menu.Note to Adobe: Please add an automatic “Deactive” feature to the installer. You’ll get sooo many support calls from people that forgot to deactivate. Backup […]

>Smooth FCP Playback of HDV and XDCAM Renders from AE

>Apparently XDCAM and QuickTime HDV renders from After Effects will cause Final Cut Pro to choke and skip frames on playback. The current workaround is to render to QuickTime’s Animation codec and either let FCP render that clip in the timeline, or open the clip in QuickTime Player Pro and export it from there to […]

>Color Management in After Effects CS3

>For those of you more bent on the geeky features of the newly released After Effects CS3, there’s a new Color Management PDF that describes an entire managed workflow. – Jonas _________ From _________

>Move After Effects’ Camera Data to Cinema 4D

>Finally there’s a way to move camera data and animation plus nulls from After Effects to Cinema 4D. Since you can already export the same data from C4D to AE, the loop seems to be closed. I’m a bit skeptic, since all the solutions I’ve seen so far create brand new scenes upon import, with […]

>Mask Per Vertex Like the Pros

>Here’s a cheap and easy way to get around one of the most asked for After Effects features: per-vertex masking. PV Feather is only $70, works in 32bpc and supports everything from version 6.5 to CS3. The only downside I can see is that as an effect I presume there’s no shortcuts, which is essential […]

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