>Absolute Curves in After Effects: Beta-test This Cool Plugin

>If you’re on Windows, please help the good people at Frischluft to beta test this long-awaited plugin that brings curves to After Effects. I’ve been a Levels-guy myself, but when you start to use the revamped Curves in the Photoshop CS3 beta, you quickly get hooked. The plugin seems a bit unstable, but with a […]

>Premiere is Back on the Mac

>Adobe is giving Apple a run for its NLE-money when it will bring Premiere Pro as part of the next version of the Production Studio Bundle, which was previously only available for Windows. There’s no mention of any new features in the official press release, but the next version of the bundle will be available […]

>After Effects 7.0.1 Available for Download

>The list of fixes is long, and the most welcome one for Mac users is that the different flavors of the “unable to unhide” bug has been fixed. Go get it… Release notes and download for Mac Release notes and download for Windows Of course, this update — like all minor updates to AE — […]

>Update to Keylight Plugin

>Bug fixes, minor tweaks and improved performance on Windows systems with the /3GB switch which allow After Effects to use more RAM. Keylight 1.2v1 download and release notes – Jonas _________ From _________

>Avoiding the "After Effects error: could not create image buffer"

>Here’s a few tips on how to avoid the dreaded image buffer error. But first a little background on why it happens…Unlike many other compositing and 3D programs, After Effects doesn’t use a scanline renderer. Instead it renders each layer and then stacks it on top of the previously rendered layers. While this gives great […]

>The Home of 87 After Effects Plugins

>I’m no biker, but I believe the Hell’s Angels term hang-around would describe me pretty accurately. I enjoy the company of people who know more than I do, in a way making me a geek hang-around. Friday was a blast, as I got to spend the day with David “Dave” McGavran, programmer on the After […]

>New AE Plugin: ZbornToy

>Update: This plugin takes a while to figure out, and I asked the creator a couple of questions at the Adobe Forums. I’ve added his answers to three of my questions at the end of this post. Also, there’s now some sample AE projects to get you started with the demo. Here’s a fresh new […]

>Free Download: Beautiful Earth Animation Project

>Here’s a fully animatable Earth project complete with water reflections and moving clouds. If you move the Sun to the back of the planet, you’ll even see the night lights of the major cities! Requires Adobe After Effects 7.0 Professional or later. If you don’t have the “CC Sphere” effect installed, you need to upgrade […]

>Write Your Own Plugin, The Way It Should Be

>Here’s a quick video tutorial showing how easy it is to create your own plugin in Final Cut Pro, created by Shane Ross at Little Frog in High Def.After Effects’ alternative, the animation presets can only span a single layer, and it’s hard to build a user-friendly interface to an animation preset since there aren’t […]

>New and Free: AlphaPlugins FirTree

>Here’s a plugin developer I’d never heard of, but what better way to get known than to offer a free download? Even if you aren’t forced to do Christmas jingles, I’m sure you can come up with creative uses for AlphaPlugins FirTree! Windows-only, unfortunately… PS. If you like it, make sure to support the South […]

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