>Eleven Ways to Play Back Your Renderings Without Paying $5,400

>1. One of the cheapest ways to play back a sequence of frames or videos is by using QuickTime Pro ($29, OS X & Win.) However, QuickTime Player’s RAM caching isn’t exactly stellar so expect to get a lot of stuttering. Also, it’s supported file formats is limited and you can only see certain channels […]

>DPI in Video: Totally Useless

> DPI = dots per inch is only relevant when you output digital images to an output device, such as a printer (or a display,) since DPI is a measure of how many of pixels the output device will show on a line that is one inch long. That means that the DPI measurement is […]

>Shallow Depth of Field, Here I Come

> Just a quick picture of this monster. I haven’t calibrated it yet, but with a Sony HC3 (HDV 1080i), a RedRock Micro M2 adapter, a Canon EF-lens mount plus the Canon 70-200mm 1:4 L lens, and a DeckLink Intensity card for 4:2:2 HDMI capture to Premiere Pro, this setup will be able to provide […]

>BBC Motion Gallery Updated

>I’m a big fan of BBC’s stock footage. In fact, the most expensive Swedish documentary ever could have saved a lot of money if they had bought all the shots of cute frogs and mean lumberjacks from BBC Motion Gallery instead. – Jonas _________ From _________

>Greenscreen and Bluescreen Checklist

>Shooting for greenscreen or bluescreen? Here’s a list of hard-earned experiences from the shoots where I’ve been vfx supervisor. I don’t claim to be a chroma expert, so please post a comment if you have more tips to add to the list! UPDATE: I’ve added some info on depth-of-field and motion blur as point number […]

>15 Minutes to Air: Real-time Broadcast Graphics via Flash

>In 15 minutes the Swedish election TV-show airs, and we’ll be outputting a lot of real-time graphics directly from Flash. The show will last almost six hours, so Monday will be dedicated to sleep, but I promise to finish the post about how it’s all done when I recover. – Jonas _________ From _________

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