>P2/MXF Supported in New Premiere Pro CS3 Patch

>The next patch to Premiere Pro CS3 (3.1) will import and output P2 media and MXF files natively without transcoding, rewrapping or conforming. Update Oct 18: The 3.1 patch is now available via Adobe Updater (choose Update from the Help menu inside any Adobe CS3 application.) Also, Dave Helmly from Adobe has put together a […]

>Shallow Depth of Field, Here I Come

> Just a quick picture of this monster. I haven’t calibrated it yet, but with a Sony HC3 (HDV 1080i), a RedRock Micro M2 adapter, a Canon EF-lens mount plus the Canon 70-200mm 1:4 L lens, and a DeckLink Intensity card for 4:2:2 HDMI capture to Premiere Pro, this setup will be able to provide […]

>"It’s Not HD" – First Moving Sample From the Red Camera

>I’ve got a notoriously cranky collegue that always finds something to complain about when it comes to HD. I’ve been trying to discuss the HVX200 and other cameras that we have, but last time he claimed that: None of today’s cameras are HD! When I asked what he meant, since many of the professional and […]

>DVCPro HD Decoder for Windows

>The DVCProHD Decoder is good news for all HVX-200 users that have had to transcode the MXF files into some other codec before using it. Via Digital Production Buzz – Jonas _________ From _________

>Must…Get…One… The RED ONE Camera Shows Off 4K at IBC

>I might be more of a Dope than a DoP, but I can spot an industry-disruptor, and the RED ONE camera has just showed some test footage at IBC. As usual, HD for Indies has a good couple of posts on the 4K projections (make sure you check out the comments on each post, they […]

>HDMI Camera Capture and Online JPEG Codec for HD Resolution

>IBC will bring a lot of goodies, but here’s a couple from one of my favorite companies: BlackMagic Design. Intensity and DeckLink HD Studio: HD Capture, editing and playback cards for HDMI. Conveniently, Sony just announced two cameras with HDMI output, the HDR-FX7 and the HVR-V1E.Like FreshDV speculates, this would make it possible to ingest […]

> Finally Updated

>Just as I had put my credit card back into my wallet, I realized that all the great online articles at were a bit old, and that the next issue was supposed to have been published back in February. After printing out every article for a analog weekend trip, I still felt it was […]

>HDTV: Behind the Scenes of the World Cup Broadcasts

> I just saw the beautiful HD feed (720p/50) of the Soccer World Cup on a 60-inchish Pioneer plasma display. As we Swedes like to see the score and the time during the whole game, the Swedish broadcaster SVT has adds these on-air graphics via a viz|RT HD-system that started supporting 720p/50 just days before […]

>Interval timer for Canon EOS 350D / Digital Rebel XT

>There’s a thread on the AE-list on the Digital Rebel XT / EOS 350D digital camera. As I’m working on a project of building my own interval timer I thought I’d post a picture of it on a breadboard. _________ From _________

>Primed and Ready: Learn the Basics of Digital Video

>It never ceases to surprise me how many artists find that issues of resolutions, framerates and compression are complete mysteries. I spent five hours early this morning (on my day off) fixing renders that someone had managed to mess up, so in the interest of not having to do that again, here are three short […]

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