>Best VFX, Graphics and Animation Training Starts New Term

>So you think you already know everything you need to do your work? Think again… has been a big success and when it now enters the fifth term of training, there’s even more cutting-edge courses for anyone in the video / animation / graphics / broadcasting / film business. I’ve been a member from […]

>OpenEXR in After Effects CS3: Open Source Plugin Imports/Exports All Channels in Float

>This brings tears to my eyes; a free plugin that will let you import, rearrange and use all the available channels in OpenEXR files into After Effects CS3 float projects. Brendan Bolles has kindly provided the world with a beta version of a set of four 32 bpc-aware plugins, complete with a sample project and […]

>Public Beta of After Effects and Premiere Pro Available Now

>The rumors leaked a couple of weeks ago, but the public betas of After Effects CS3 and Premiere Pro CS3 are now available, beginning today, for both Windows and OS X. The normally bundled third-party effects (Keylight, Cycore Effects, and Color Finesse) are not included in the preview. Also, a very important note (apart from […]

>The Best Graphics Training Available Enters Term 4

>If you only give yourself one thing this year, here’s my advice: sign up for the new term of fxphd, the highest-level graphics training available online. Term 4 is just about to start (even though you can sign up later) with a bunch of interesting classes lined up. Not only do you get great classes, […]

>Photoshop CS3 Public Beta Now Available for Download

>Within the next 24 hours the public beta of Photoshop CS3 will be posted to Adobe Labs.All you need to run it is a valid serial number for Photoshop CS2. More links: Photoshop CS3 forums Photoshop Product Manager John Nack’s blog with links to videos and tips Photoshop CS3 Beta One-on-One Preview with Deke McClelland […]

>Mention "Mac Pro" to get a Discount: Dell Desperate?

>I’ve been trying to compare the prices of the Mac Pro and a similarly configured Dell Precision, but since Dell won’t let you choose their top-of-the-line processors from their webshop, I was forced to call Dell to get a quote. I got a very friendly salesperson on the line and I happened to mention that […]

>Read This and Never Turn Back: How to Subscribe via RSS

>I’m constantly amazed how many smart people are still surfing the web in the same way they did five years ago. I used to do the same; keeping a bunch of bookmarks to sites I knew where full of good stuff and regularly clicking my way through them to look for new info. That’s until […]

>Mac Pro with 8 Cores, Plus Benchmarks under Windows XP

>For anyone thinking about getting a Mac Pro to run both OS X and Windows XP, check out Anandtech’s follow-up article on the Mac Pro with a solution to the low harddrive performance under Windows XP, plus info on how to optimally upgrade your RAM. They’ve also replaced the current dual-core CPUs with new, unreleased, […]

>Get Poser 5 for Free (No Lunch Required)

>If you hurry up you can get a full version of Poser 5 just for registering. Poser may get a bad rap from seasoned 3D pros, but you can’t compare Poser’s quick models to spending 500+ hours of modeling and rigging on a single character. So hide your pride (just like ILM allegedly did when […]

>World Premiere: The Planet

>Tomorrow will mark the world premiere of my first work for the big screen, even though my contribution the The Planet is quite small. No use hoping for an IMDB bio, I guess… I’ve used approximately 56 GB of satellite images to create 30+ animations for the 90 minute film, delivered in 1080p25 at 16-bit. […]

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