>Patches for After Effects CS4 and Premiere Pro CS4

> Don’t miss the updates! After Effects 9.0.1 patch for Mac OS XAfter Effects 9.0.1 patch for WindowsRead me file (PDF) Premiere Pro 4.0.1 patch for Mac OS XPremiere Pro 4.0.1 patch for WindowsRead me file (PDF) Here’s the goodies from the read me files: Notable fixes in the Adobe After Effects CS4 9.0.1 patch: […]

>RED Finally Cuts in Adobe Apps

>While RED has published a picture of the Premiere Pro 1.0 box on their RED Adobe CS4 Installer (beta) page, you’ll actually need the newly released version 4.0.1 of Premiere Pro CS4 and version 9.0.1 of After Effects CS4. The system requirements aren’t exactly designed for the famed “soccer mom’s” of this world; you’ll need […]

>Learn VFX from the Masters of the Universe

>The world’s best supervisors including John Knoll, Scott Squires, John Dykstra, Pablo Helman, Dennis Murren, Mike Fink, Ken Ralson and Kim Libreri are part of a course in the new term at fxphd.com. Imagine learning stuff from the people behind such milestones as Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Star Wars I to VI, Wargames, […]

>ProRes 422 Codec Finally Cross-platform (Sorta…)

>Before you get all excited about the Apple ProRes QuickTime Decoder 1.0 for Windows, let’s remember that you can only render to ProRes 422 if you’re on a Mac and have Final Cut Studio 2 installed. If you don’t you’ll be in the same boat as the Windows users and will need to install the […]

>Importing RED (.r3d) Files Into After Effects CS3 and Premiere Pro CS3

>UPDATE 2: It’s been a long wait, but it now looks like the plugins will be released on Nov 20th 2008. UPDATE: Here’s a sneak peak from Adobe with RED including workflow videos. According to Jim Jannard of RED, they will soon release a plug-in that will let users of Adobe After Effects CS3 and […]

>Don’t Miss the New Term at fxphd.com

>Regular readers know I’m a big fan of fxphd.com and that you can’t get any more current and professional training even for ten times the price. I’ve been a member from the start, and the things I’ve picked up from the past seven terms come in useful every day in my work. I’m hoping to […]

>Best VFX, Graphics and Animation Training Starts New Term

>So you think you already know everything you need to do your work? Think again… fxphd.com has been a big success and when it now enters the fifth term of training, there’s even more cutting-edge courses for anyone in the video / animation / graphics / broadcasting / film business. I’ve been a member from […]

>Import FCP Projects into After Effects

>Dale at Creative Workflow Hacks keep churning out useful scripts. Lately he’s been focusing on his FCPToAE script, and there’s new updates almost every week, including CS3 compatibility. – Jonas Photo by Joel Washing _________ From http://generalspecialist.com/ _________

>Eleven Ways to Play Back Your Renderings Without Paying $5,400

>1. One of the cheapest ways to play back a sequence of frames or videos is by using QuickTime Pro ($29, OS X & Win.) However, QuickTime Player’s RAM caching isn’t exactly stellar so expect to get a lot of stuttering. Also, it’s supported file formats is limited and you can only see certain channels […]

>DPI in Video: Totally Useless

> DPI = dots per inch is only relevant when you output digital images to an output device, such as a printer (or a display,) since DPI is a measure of how many of pixels the output device will show on a line that is one inch long. That means that the DPI measurement is […]

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