>Phun and Typography 2.0

>Not enough distractions? Here’s a couple of ways to seriously kill your productivity: Phun: Real-time Physics Sandbox FontStruct: Online Typography Editor And when you’re done, make sure you watch Animator vs. Animation part 1and Animator vs. Animation part 2.- Jonas _________ From _________

>Best Reel Ever

>Designer/Slash/Model makes all other reel wrappers look pretty mediocre. – Jonas _________ From _________

>BBC Motion Gallery Updated

>I’m a big fan of BBC’s stock footage. In fact, the most expensive Swedish documentary ever could have saved a lot of money if they had bought all the shots of cute frogs and mean lumberjacks from BBC Motion Gallery instead. – Jonas _________ From _________

>Behind-the-Scenes of ILM

>Here’s an interesting but hard-to-read look at the VFX for Pirates of the Carribean, including some light reading on motion capture, plus some behind-the-scenes videos and images. Considering how superb the work looked when viewed on the screen, it’s a fascinating read, even though the messed-up Flash typography leaves you teary-eyed. ILM: The Show Thanks […]

>All You Need is Inspiration & Tools

>Just a quick post with a couple of inspirational stuff I’ve found recently: 3D rain in the desert with Trapcode’s Particular Float Typography, a sweet little film with great concept and execution. [via Steve Kilisky] Here’s a fun tool for spelling out text with buildings photographed from space. [via Lifehacker] Beautiful motion-graphics for an Adidas […]

>Type Guru Blogs!

>I’ve left my old passion of typographic geekiness unpacked for almost a decade. Boring web consulting, unproductive broadband consulting and, for the last few years; broadcast graphics and visual effects, have made me almost forget the days when Patrick and I used to have Name-That-Typeface battles in downtown Stockholm. Those where the days… Thanks to […]

>More Free AE Projects from Dean Velez

>One of the great benefits of working with After Effects is the number of people the freely share their knowledge, and one of the most generous is Dean Velez who frequently post batches of AE projects for free download. Even if you don’t have use for his latest Water Effects projects, they’re an excellent learning […]

>Beautiful HD for MTV

>PSYOP has done it again. This time it’s branding for MTV’s new HD channel. Edgy and distinct, definately worth a look! PSYOP Creates Visual Haiku for MTV HD _________ From _________

>Awesome Photo Interaction

>Another inspirational site: it’s Getty Images that has comissioned ten Flash pieces with their stock photos as a base. My favorites are the two ones made by Andries Odendaal 10 ways by Getty Images _________ From _________

>Stylish Flash Animation

>Inspirational animation! Session _________ From _________