>Blue Screen of Leopard

>I’m writing this in Windows XP on my Mac Pro, since I’m getting the Blue Screen of Death after installing Mac OS X Leopard. I’m truly enjoying the benefits of a closed system from a single vendor… ;-/Apple claims it’s some APE software that I don’t have, and apparently I’m not the only one with […]

>Censorship at CreativeCow.net

>Update: A few hours after I posted this, CC closed my account via this email: You have been unsubscribed from the Creative Cow newsletter. We’re sorry to see you go.Please note that any associated accounts at CreativeCOW.net have also been closed. Update 2: Even more sites have been found to be blocked. Update 3: It […]

>Being Stuck on One Side of the Fence

>In the early 90′s I was an Apple zealot, hanging out at BBS:es where the finer details of ResEdit and System 6 were discussed. Since then, I’ve left the cult of Mac and have never looked back. But now, the recent Mac Pros have awakened a craving for a dual-boot machine where all the options […]