>HDR Photography in Photoshop CS2

>Here’s a tutorial I stumbled on recently. Apart from discussing the actual steps needed at the shoot and in Photoshop, the tutorial also deals with some HDR theory.High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography in Photoshop CS2 Check out the other tutorials as well. _________ From _________

>Photoshop CS2 update (9.0.1)

>There’s a patch for Photoshop CS2, upgrading it into the fenomenal version number CS2 9.0.1. The patch hasn’t been posted on the main download page yet, but you can find links on this great Adobe blog: John Nack on Adobe _________ From _________

>Record JavaScript from Photoshop CS2

>Here’s a great tip for those of us who like to automate Photoshop:Installing and using the ScriptingListener plug-in I’d love to try it out for a project I’m currently working on where I need to cut up huge satellite images into 2.048 by 2.048 layer tiles in order for After Effects to be able to […]

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