>Learn VFX from the Masters of the Universe

>The world’s best supervisors including John Knoll, Scott Squires, John Dykstra, Pablo Helman, Dennis Murren, Mike Fink, Ken Ralson and Kim Libreri are part of a course in the new term at Imagine learning stuff from the people behind such milestones as Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Star Wars I to VI, Wargames, […]

>Even More Great VFX Courses

>I’ve been on a long vacation, so I haven’t had a chance to write about the new term. I won’t bore regular readers who already know how much I can recommend fxphd. Here’s a complete list of available courses. The term started on July 14 2008, but you can join later and have access to […]

>Don’t Miss the New Term at

>Regular readers know I’m a big fan of and that you can’t get any more current and professional training even for ten times the price. I’ve been a member from the start, and the things I’ve picked up from the past seven terms come in useful every day in my work. I’m hoping to […]

>30 Courses to Die For

>I’ve been meaning to post about great training resources for my beloved After Effects, but here’s something even better; training for the entire video / animation / graphics / broadcasting / film business. Regular readers know how I’m a big fan of and that you can’t get any more current and professional training even […]

>Best VFX, Graphics and Animation Training Starts New Term

>So you think you already know everything you need to do your work? Think again… has been a big success and when it now enters the fifth term of training, there’s even more cutting-edge courses for anyone in the video / animation / graphics / broadcasting / film business. I’ve been a member from […]

>Color Management in After Effects CS3

>For those of you more bent on the geeky features of the newly released After Effects CS3, there’s a new Color Management PDF that describes an entire managed workflow. – Jonas _________ From _________

>Daily News and Podcasts from NAB 2007

>I guess I’m the only one stuck at home. Thankfully, everyone who’s at NAB 2007 is reporting so here’s a few of the podcats and sites I check everyday during the event. Please add a comment if you have any tips for other good sources! fxguide Excellent podcast and daily reporting with in-depth knowledge This […]

>VFX Reading List for the Summer

>The holidays are soon upon us, so I thought I’d share my reading list for this summer. Let’s start with the most expensive one. From what I’ve understood it’s a must read in the industry, so I’ve ordered The Art and Science of Digital Compositing by Ron Brinkmann, the Product Designer for Apple’s Shake. Here’s […]

>Subscribe to Adobe Support Docs

>Thanks to commenter john b. for pointing out this great way of subscribing to support documents for your favorite Adobe apps. Adobe RSS feeds If you haven’t jumped on the RSS train yet, your definately missing something, so create an account on Bloglines or Google Reader right now! _________ From _________