The VFX behind "Äkta människor" (Real Humans)

Update: Just added a bit of info at the end of the post about the Arri Alexa ProRes4444 LogC workflow with Rec709 LUTs in After Effects.   Design for the hubot source code for “Äkta människor” from Jonas Hummelstrand on Vimeo.   Visual effects scene from “Äkta människor” (“Real Humans”) episode 5, season 1, 2012. […]

>RED Finally Cuts in Adobe Apps

>While RED has published a picture of the Premiere Pro 1.0 box on their RED Adobe CS4 Installer (beta) page, you’ll actually need the newly released version 4.0.1 of Premiere Pro CS4 and version 9.0.1 of After Effects CS4. The system requirements aren’t exactly designed for the famed “soccer mom’s” of this world; you’ll need […]

>RED’s Latest Line-up

>The December 3rd updates to RED’s earlier announcements seem to be moving in the right direction. However, I can’t really figure out if we will be able to get a 2/3-inch Cinema Scarlet sensor with interchangeable lens mounts.If we can mount 3rd-party lenses to it, with a REDhandle, a viewfinder (BombEVF?) and a recording module […]

>Why the RED cameras won’t be seen at pool parties

>If RED was aiming their new Scarlet to be a “DSLR killer,” they missed the mark, unfortunately. I love what RED is doing to the dinosaurs of the camera business, but I was hoping that a Scarlet would replace my prosumer gear and give me new possibilities. Unless the Scarlet with the fixed lens is […]

>ProRes 422 Codec Finally Cross-platform (Sorta…)

>Before you get all excited about the Apple ProRes QuickTime Decoder 1.0 for Windows, let’s remember that you can only render to ProRes 422 if you’re on a Mac and have Final Cut Studio 2 installed. If you don’t you’ll be in the same boat as the Windows users and will need to install the […]

>Importing RED (.r3d) Files Into After Effects CS3 and Premiere Pro CS3

>UPDATE 2: It’s been a long wait, but it now looks like the plugins will be released on Nov 20th 2008. UPDATE: Here’s a sneak peak from Adobe with RED including workflow videos. According to Jim Jannard of RED, they will soon release a plug-in that will let users of Adobe After Effects CS3 and […]

>Building a Pro Camera Crane / Jib, part 1

> I was once told that my favorite interest seemed to be collecting hobbies. That may be truer than I’d like to admit, and for the last six months I’ve added yet a new project to all my previous (unfinished) tinkerings. I have a Basic Stamp micro-controller and USB programming board left over from another […]

>What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay there

>Stuck at home? Me too… Here’s how to keep tabs on NAB. I’ll keep on updating the links as we go… Basically, if you want the latest as it happens, get a account and follow the people below! Mike Seymour of is twittering and posting images …as are his colleagues John Montgomery and […]

>If You Built a TV Studio Today, What Would You Build?

>I’ve spent the last few years around TV studios that have slowly been upgraded to handle new additions like 16:9, overlapping projectors, animated LED lighting. In the good-old tradition of public service, everything installed has been proprietary and expensive broadcast equipment. This slow update-cycle means that older equipment is moved to shows deemed less important. […]

>3D Lens for Refocusing Still Photos

>Here’s an interesting demo of the possibilities of specialized lenses combined with software, which in the future might allow you to not only refocus shots, but also to adjust the camera position somewhat.While this light field lens probably won’t show up on your pocket camera, this technology combined with high-resolution high-end cameras such as those […]

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