>Interval timer for Canon EOS 350D / Digital Rebel XT

>There’s a thread on the AE-list on the Digital Rebel XT / EOS 350D digital camera. As I’m working on a project of building my own interval timer I thought I’d post a picture of it on a breadboard. _________ From _________

>Primed and Ready: Learn the Basics of Digital Video

>It never ceases to surprise me how many artists find that issues of resolutions, framerates and compression are complete mysteries. I spent five hours early this morning (on my day off) fixing renders that someone had managed to mess up, so in the interest of not having to do that again, here are three short […]

>Read-up on the HVX200

>Panasonic has released a guidebook on the lovely AG-HVX200 HD-camcorder. It’s a great way to read more about the camera before you get your hands on one. There’s also other related material, as well as an NTSC version of the guide, on the main site. HVX200 Guidebook, PAL (direct link to PDF) _________ From […]

>The Basics of Digital Video

>I constantly try to explain the fundamentals of video to anyone who doesn’t cover their ears, and I think I’ve found a soulmate. videogrunt is the video podcast that illustrates the basic terms and technologies of digital video I haven’t had time to watch any of the three episodes yet, but it sure looks promising.mainpage […]

>Record HD video on SD cards

>It will take a long time until Panasionic’s P2 memory cards will be affordable, so Panasonic is reportedly working on a consumer solution involving HD footage recording onto SD memory cards. Panasonic technology records HD images on SD cards _________ From _________

>Steadicam with wireless interviewer

>The Inquisitor _________ From _________

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