The VFX behind "Äkta människor" (Real Humans)

Update: Just added a bit of info at the end of the post about the Arri Alexa ProRes4444 LogC workflow with Rec709 LUTs in After Effects.   Design for the hubot source code for “Äkta människor” from Jonas Hummelstrand on Vimeo.   Visual effects scene from “Äkta människor” (“Real Humans”) episode 5, season 1, 2012. […]

CasparCG Server 2.0 Released

The professional graphics and video play-out server for broadcast just got a major update. Here’s just some of the awesome new features:   NTSC, PAL and lower-field interlacing in SD and HD With the added support for NTSC, CasparCG Server 2.0 can now play all the current broadcast formats in both SD and HD, and […]

Show Reel 2011 Posted

A quick collection of some of my broadcast work for SVT, including motion graphics, design, 3D, time-lapse photography, set design, virtual sets, visual effects and more. Make sure you view it in full HD resolution! – Jonas

>Troubleshooting After Effects (all versions)

>Having problems, crashes or installation errors with After Effects 7.0 or After Effects CS3 (8.0) or CS4 (9.0)? Here’s a collection of tried and true remedies, but before you start reinstalling and trashing things, make sure you’ve tried to locate what part of your AE project is causing the problems. Start by isolating the problem: […]

>Greenscreen and Bluescreen Checklist

>Shooting for greenscreen or bluescreen? Here’s a list of hard-earned experiences from the shoots where I’ve been vfx supervisor. I don’t claim to be a chroma expert, so please post a comment if you have more tips to add to the list! UPDATE: I’ve added some info on depth-of-field and motion blur as point number […]

>Free Download: Beautiful Earth Animation Project

>Here’s a fully animatable Earth project complete with water reflections and moving clouds. If you move the Sun to the back of the planet, you’ll even see the night lights of the major cities! Requires Adobe After Effects 7.0 Professional or later. If you don’t have the “CC Sphere” effect installed, you need to upgrade […]

>Tutorial: How to Preview the Size of Text and Graphics for Broadcast and Film

>Do you want to preview how big the text and graphics will look on a TV while still working on your computer? Here’s how! 1. Create a document with the same height in pixels as your output format. Most software nowadays have presets that also includes the so called safe areas that shows you how […]

>AE: Render in the Background, Work in the Foreground

>UPDATE: There are now excellent scripts for After Effects 7.0 and later that will let you setup and start a background render from a palette inside AE, so use Lloyd Alvarez’s script BG Render instead of the technique described below! Want to continue working in After Effects while rendering in the background? Here’s how to […]

>Use After Effects’ Shortcuts with non-English Keyboards

>Frustrated about not being able to maximize AE panels with the ~ shortcut, since your keyboard doesn’t have the tilde character? The same goes for many of the most useful shortcuts that don’t work on many non-English keyboards. However, there is a relatively easy way to fix this before a future version hopefully ships with […]

>AE Preset: Scaling a Motion Path

>If you’ve set up an After Effects animation with lot’s of position keyframes, you probably know that you can move the entire animation around by parenting the moving object to a null, and then move the null. But if you suddenly want to scale the animation path without scaling the moving object itself, you’re in […]

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