Great Time to Buy Software During NAB

Here’s a round-up of all the NAB discounts I’ve found so far. Remember, these deals will normally end when NAB ends, so be quick. If you find others, please post a comment! Zaxwerks offer up to $200 off on AE plugins and stand-alone 3D apps RedGiant Software offer 30% off on all software for Facebook […]

>Watch and Embed YouTube Clips in High Quality

>The term “High Quality” has to be taken with a bucket of salt when we’re talking about YouTube, but there’s an easy way to at least lessen the compression artifacts, which is especially useful for full-screen viewing. Even a lot of clips that don’t have the “Watch in High Quality” link on the page actually […]

>Locking After Effects’ Layers So They Can’t Be Moved

>UPDATE:You can lock the position with a script put together by Jalea. If you want to lock more properties, Jeff Almasol (scripter extraordinaire) pointed out that Nab has a script that locks/unlocks all properties. Also, check out his plug-in experiments and scripting experiments. Truly amazing! ********************************** When you lock a layer in After Effects, you […]

>Better Corner Pinning with Mocha

>When you import tracking data from Mocha, you get the four corners applied to the Corner Pin effect. To get better edges, use the same data but apply it to the CC PowerPin effect instead, which has better edge anti-aliasing and also supports expanding the layer outside the actual tracking points.Just line up the corners […]

>Opening After Effects Projects in an Earlier Version

>So you want to open a project saved in After Effects CS3 in an earlier version like After Effects 7.0? Wish there was a way to avoid redoing your entire project just because a client hasn’t upgraded yet? Wish that Adobe would let you do a Save to XML just like in Final Cut Pro? […]

>How to Optimize Photoshop for Giant Images

>The inside story on how to get maximum performance from Photoshop when working on very large files, courtesy of Scott Byer from the Photoshop team. You’ll want to look at the PDF in Adobe Acrobat, since OS X’s Preview app won’t render the text correctly. Conspiracy? Another tip is to check out Russel Brown’s scripts […]

>Smooth FCP Playback of HDV and XDCAM Renders from AE

>Apparently XDCAM and QuickTime HDV renders from After Effects will cause Final Cut Pro to choke and skip frames on playback. The current workaround is to render to QuickTime’s Animation codec and either let FCP render that clip in the timeline, or open the clip in QuickTime Player Pro and export it from there to […]

>How to Remove Speckles and Dust in Scanned Images using Photoshop

>Here’s a quick tip I discovered today while cleaning up a lot of scanned images. It’s a 30 second video tutorial on how to find dirt, dust and scratches that’s hard to find when you’re trying to remove the background. How to Remove Speckles and Dust in Scanned Images using Photoshop (opens in a new […]

>Video Codec Advice

>I’ve been posting a lot at Adobe Forums: After Effects lately, after I unexpectedly was asked to become an Adobe Community Expert. I just thought I’d share a reply I just made to a question about how to avoid quality reduction while rendering and moving video between applications. Perhaps I’ll make a small table listing […]

>Avoiding the "After Effects error: could not create image buffer"

>Here’s a few tips on how to avoid the dreaded image buffer error. But first a little background on why it happens…Unlike many other compositing and 3D programs, After Effects doesn’t use a scanline renderer. Instead it renders each layer and then stacks it on top of the previously rendered layers. While this gives great […]

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