>Tutorial: How to Preview the Size of Text and Graphics for Broadcast and Film

>Do you want to preview how big the text and graphics will look on a TV while still working on your computer? Here’s how! 1. Create a document with the same height in pixels as your output format. Most software nowadays have presets that also includes the so called safe areas that shows you how […]

>AE Preset: Scaling a Motion Path

>If you’ve set up an After Effects animation with lot’s of position keyframes, you probably know that you can move the entire animation around by parenting the moving object to a null, and then move the null. But if you suddenly want to scale the animation path without scaling the moving object itself, you’re in […]

>More Free AE Projects from Dean Velez

>One of the great benefits of working with After Effects is the number of people the freely share their knowledge, and one of the most generous is Dean Velez who frequently post batches of AE projects for free download. Even if you don’t have use for his latest Water Effects projects, they’re an excellent learning […]

>AE Presets: Smooth Vertical Scrolls for TV

>UPDATE: The presets now come in both PAL and NTSC variants, and include a flicker-reducing filter that adjusts itself to the chosen speed. Working at a TV station, I see so many jumpy titles that were created in After Effects. This comes from the fact that interlaced video gives a sort of venetian blinds effect […]

>Terrestial 720p50 HDTV on a PC

>To celebrate that Sweden hasn’t lost a game to England in almost 40 years, here’s a guide to watching the World Cup HDTV broadcasts on a Windows machine. The guide was written by my good collegue wizzerd*at*wizzerd*dot*com and is published here with his kind permission. BackgroundBeginning on June 9th 2006, SVT and TV4 in Sweden […]

>Quick Islamic 3D Move

>I love it when people share techniques they come up with when playing around. Here’s a neat little recipe for a kaleidoscopic effect with a 3D move in After Effects by Matthew Frederick Davis Hemming. Organica Islam Tutorial _________ From http://generalspecialist.com/ _________

>Primed and Ready: Learn the Basics of Digital Video

>It never ceases to surprise me how many artists find that issues of resolutions, framerates and compression are complete mysteries. I spent five hours early this morning (on my day off) fixing renders that someone had managed to mess up, so in the interest of not having to do that again, here are three short […]

>The Basics of Digital Video

>I constantly try to explain the fundamentals of video to anyone who doesn’t cover their ears, and I think I’ve found a soulmate. videogrunt is the video podcast that illustrates the basic terms and technologies of digital video I haven’t had time to watch any of the three episodes yet, but it sure looks promising.mainpage […]

>Using more than 2GB of RAM in After Effects

UPDATE: This old technique has since been replaced by real operation systems with 64-bit capabilities, so I suggest you use either Windows Vista 64, Windows 7 64-bit or Mac OS X. I also strongly suggest you backup everything before you do any modification to your OS, anything else would be really, really foolish. If you […]

>FX PHD Classes Start Today

> As I’m a big fan of the fxguide podcast I was quick to sign up for the promising online training at fxphd. The first class started today, and it covered multi-cam “bullet-time” effects. _________ From http://generalspecialist.com/ _________

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