>QuickTime 7.3 Posted: Better or Worse than 7.2?

>Apple just posted QuickTime 7.3 for all platforms. I’m still on 7.1.x on many of my machines because of numerous reported problems with 7.2. If you’ve been brave enough to update and are seeing problems, please post a comment. – Jonas _________ From http://generalspecialist.com/ _________

>Intel Macs are Still Limiting RAM Usage to 2 GB under Windows XP

>I’m running Windows XP on my Mac Pro, but a really annoying limitation is that XP can only see 2 GB of my 5 GB of installed RAM. When I researched this a couple of months ago, I found out that this is a firmware/software limitation that can only be fixed by Apple and Intel. […]

>The Buggiest Software Ever :-(

>It’s so sad when a great promise turns out to be totally worthless. I’ve worked for almost 14 hours straight to try to get Antics3D to work. After over 40 crashes, and adrenaline flowing out of my ears, it’s pretty clear that I will never buy this software… – Jonas _________ From http://generalspecialist.com/ _________

>Color Correction Presets for After Effects

>Stu Maschwitz has posted some great color tools recently: Film Burn PresetRebel Color Corrector – Jonas _________ From http://generalspecialist.com/ _________

>Please Update Your Subscription Address

>If you’re subscribing to this blog via a news reader (which you really should be) you might not see the entire posts with links and images. As the song goes: I blame it on the sun, I blame it on the moon, I blame it on Feedburner.com I’ve updated to links to the RSS feed […]

>Quite a Readership!

>I just looked at the web stats for this blog for the first time, and realized that you guys have requested 10.997 web pages in August only! That’s way beyond any expectations I had when starting this blog as a simple and ugly dumping ground for tips that I thought were good enough to share. […]

>Mac Pro: Not Yet For Windows XP

>If you’re considering why NOT to get a Mac Pro to run Windows XP cheaper than on a Dell, here’s the answer: you won’t get any HDD speeds to write home about. Thanks to Mike at HD for Indies for the link. Why the Mac Pro shouldn’t (yet) be your next Windows workstation _________ From […]

>2nd Term of fxphd to begin shortly

>If this promo for the second term of the great online learning site fxphd doesn’t wet your appetite, I don’t know what will. If only I could stop blogging, perhaps I could finish the classes I took the first term but haven’t still had time to go through! _________ From http://generalspecialist.com/ _________

>Extract 3D Data from Video

>I’ve recently bought ImageModeler to use on an upcoming project for modelling a 17th century ship from an existing 5 m long model. But if I’m unlucky, the film won’t be green-lighted until this cool demo of extracting 3D geometry from a video is ready for prime-time. :-/ _________ From http://generalspecialist.com/ _________

>Excellent Mac Pro Roundup

>I had started a post with links to reviews and benchmarks, plus a little speculation on why the Apple offering seems to be cheaper than a Dell, but somehow I realized I had a life to live.To the rescue: Mike at HD for Indies has posted an excellent roundup of what seems to be the […]

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