>The Fastest Workstation Right Now is a single-CPU Dell?

>I’ve had long and elaborate debates with myself over my dubious need to rebuild my workstation. After drooling over dual-CPU dual-core Opteron systems, this little review of the newest Intel-systems and its After Effects’ benchmarks made the angel on my right shoulder smirk at the budget-busting devil on my left, and makes me glad I […]

>Flash Pro 9: ActionScript 3.0 Preview Available for Free

>A quick heads-up for all you Flashers: you can now download a public alpha build of the new ActionScript version 3.0 that will be included in Flash 9. Flash Professional 9 ActionScript 3.0 Preview now available _________ From http://generalspecialist.com/ _________

>Maya: Pay $280 to stay legit?

>We have two licenses for Maya Complete at work, and we paid extra to get a USB hardware license. However, when this “dongle” was sticking out of the front of a workstation one day, someone accidentally touched the dongle with his knee. So, for the last couple of months, the use of Maya has been […]

>Jahshaka: Open Source Realtime Compositor

>Has anyone tried Jahshaka yet? The feature list is very vague and seems to pertain to version 3.0 that isn’t released yet. There’s a wiki that seems to have some fairly updated featere descriptions, but not enough to get me to lose a couple of hours of sleep on downloading and testing it. Post a […]

>Crooked Perspectives: Texture Tiling in Google Earth

>I was just checking out the new Beta 4 version of Google Earth, and was looking at the 3D buildings on Manhattan, just south of Central Park. Suddenly I saw a weird effect of the source image tiling the makes up the ground texture; photographs taken with two totally different angles right next to each […]

>Locate the Logo: How to Find Vector Logotypes When Your on a Deadline

>Here’s a collection of good resources for finding logotypes, especially vector ones. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can always use the old PDF trick of going to the corporate website and looking for annual reports or other documents where the logo is likely to be found. Then just open that page […]

>Cheap’Shake: Now $499

>The price for Apple’s Shake was just dropped from $2.999 to $499 for the new version 4.1. At the same time there’s rumors about this being the last version of Shake, something that gets a bit more substance from this sentence of the press-release: Apple will no longer sell the Apple Maintenance Program for Shake. […]

>4×4: Your Next Workstation?

> AMD’s planning to release a dual-processor, dual-core, quad-GPU system spec (hence the corny name) that not only seems ideal for graphics application, but it would also suggest that you should invest in power companies. anandtech.comPC Perspective Photo by Capt Kim _________ From http://generalspecialist.com/ _________

>4.000 CPUs at ILM’s render farm

>Here’s a nice geeky story about the rendering capabilities of ILM. AMD’s CPUs Help Put The Magic In Lucasfilm’s Special Effects | MobilityGuru _________ From http://generalspecialist.com/ _________


>Just found there’s a small GUI app called OpenGLXtractor Windows Tool created to simplify the configuration of the great OpenGL geometry extractor OGLE.There’s also a SourceForge.net Forum. _________ From http://generalspecialist.com/ _________

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