The VFX behind "Äkta människor" (Real Humans)

Update: Just added a bit of info at the end of the post about the Arri Alexa ProRes4444 LogC workflow with Rec709 LUTs in After Effects.   Design for the hubot source code for “Äkta människor” from Jonas Hummelstrand on Vimeo.   Visual effects scene from “Äkta människor” (“Real Humans”) episode 5, season 1, 2012. […]

CasparCG Server 2.0 Released

The professional graphics and video play-out server for broadcast just got a major update. Here’s just some of the awesome new features:   NTSC, PAL and lower-field interlacing in SD and HD With the added support for NTSC, CasparCG Server 2.0 can now play all the current broadcast formats in both SD and HD, and […]

>Just Released: Free and Open Source Broadcast Graphics Server

> We’ve finally released the new version 1.8.0b4 of the CasparCG system, a broadcast graphics system that plays QuickTime and Flash out to SDI, HD-SDI, HDMI and DVI.Download installers, source code and tools from _________ From _________

>Ten Years of Interviews with the Prime Minister Airs Tonight

>Tonight at 8 PM it will air, the first of four 1-hour episodes with secret interviews with Sweden’s Prime minister for the last eight years. I was lucky to be asked to provide the graphics for this show, which will be all that the Swedish media will cover in the next week. It’s really quite […]

>World Premiere: The Planet

>Tomorrow will mark the world premiere of my first work for the big screen, even though my contribution the The Planet is quite small. No use hoping for an IMDB bio, I guess… I’ve used approximately 56 GB of satellite images to create 30+ animations for the 90 minute film, delivered in 1080p25 at 16-bit. […]