>Cinema 4D Resources

>After years as a casual and frustrated user of Maya and 3ds max, I finally realized that being good at a “lower-end” software is way better than being a newbie of a prestigious vfx tool like Maya. The price, the cross-platform availability and the reported integration with AE made me turn to Cinema 4D.

I thought I’d share some resources I’ve found while trying to dig deeper into Cinema 4D, so here’s a list of stuff I’ve bookmarked lately:

Ko Maruyama shows the flicker tool which is part of the free CSTools.

Lynda.com’s basic training to get you up to speed on Cinema 4D.

Cineversity.com: Maxon’s own online training.

JHT’s C4D tutorials and great planet textures.

C4DTextures.com: Free textures and shaders.

Water drops on a surface.

C4D at 3DLinks.com.


Tim “Hypa.tv” Claphams’ C4D images, animations and tutorials.

C4DCafe.com’s MoGraph introduction

the c4d base

C4D Portal

Please post your own tips in a comment!

- Jonas

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  1. brian

    >Cinema 4D is a great package. i not sure you would want to consider it low-end. several big vfx studios use it in their pipe-lines mostly for bodypaint or camera mapping ints. also noticed lots of motion design studios use it for it’s very powerful and useful mograph module. i got it for some of the same reasons you outlined at the top. it’s also very stable. safe to say it’s in the high-end category but doesn’t have the fame as the big guys yet. if you get it you’ll get a bunch of video tutorials included to help you get going. ps. good time to buy as they just rev’d it to 10.5 with some fine enhancements.

    • Vio

      C4D is not low end, it holds 70%+ of the market for motion designers who use 3d.

  2. Anonymous

    >Base 80 is one of my favourite C4D sites. A lot of expresso-powered solutions to common tasks.


  3. Alan Shisko

    >Thanks for the links, Jonas. I’ve played around with C4d a tad and am considering making a more concerted effort with the app. Those links might make the transition (from 3dsMax) easier.

    I can’t figure out why Adobe doesn’t buy them!

  4. Jonas Hummelstrand


    I was a bit ironic in calling it “low-end” but that is the reputation it has. Just like with After Effects, C4D is considered “hobbyist” rather than “hard-core.”

    I think it is a sign of coming of age that I have given up the notion of trying to be good at Maya and 3ds max. Every project (and I’ve done a few that were broadcast on national TV) in those apps have been weeks of frustratingly adjusting numerical values one by one just to try to figure out which ones had any impact on the things I tried to produce.

    Looking forward to becoming more proficient at C4D and to reach a comfort-level I have with AE, AI and PS.

  5. Jonas Hummelstrand

    >Base80.com was a good tip, I just added it to the post.

  6. Jonas Hummelstrand


    I agree, they would be a good fit for Adobe, even though the integration between C4D and After Effects is too limited to be of much use today. You are the one that pointed out that with the plugin MAX2AE you can go back and forth between 3ds max and After Effects and tweak animations of cameras, nulls and lights and have them update in the other program without producing brand-new project files. With C4D you end up with a new AE project file every time you update anything in 3D, and even with Paul Tuersley’s script you can only import baked (keyframes on every frame) camera moves from AE to C4D.

  7. Tommy Morris

    >Hi there, http://www.c4dportal.com/forum/

    is great the free tutorials are a must for anyone new to C4D.


  8. KGB

    >Don’t forget Chris Smith’s free CSTools.

    Discussion and updates here:

    …and here:

  9. NavStar

    >Thanks for those links!

    C4D is fantastic! As a long time ElectricImage user, I found C4D incredibly easy to slip into. It’s integration into AfterEffects and Photoshop is amazing. It’s intuitive, elegant, clean looking and network rendering is simple to setup. (Take the opposite of those statements and that’s Maya)

    If Apple made a 3D app, it would be Cinema 4D!

  10. govinda

    >If Adobe ever bought Cinema 4D, I’d jump screaming from the Colorado Street Bridge in Pasadena. Since I’ve been using it, C4D has quadrupled its usability and scope. Since I’ve been using AE, it’s existed as a cash cow for Adobe, undergoing incremental change at best.

    But I get ahead of myself. Welcome to the C4D world! I’m one of the mods at mograph.net, which boasts a number of motion graphics users. Motion graphics is a C4D bastion, probably because Pittard Sullivan discovered it at version 5, and after Pittard exploded, everyone from there took the app with them when they started the 20 seed shops in the early 2000s.

    I always say that C4D just gets out of the way. Others say that it lets you actually make money and deadlines doing 3D for broadcast. Whichever it is, you won’t miss the apps you came from unless you’re doing fluids, big dynamics or (arguably) CA. Good luck!

  11. Anonymous

    >Hey Jonas, thanks for the link.

    I’m also trying to get all of my C4D4AE and C4D4PSD movies completed…to go either on DMN, TF or S|daily… and/or CineVersity.

    (page needs updating)

    Currently, I’m having too much fun with R10.5′s new tools.


  12. Leonardo

    >I don’t use C4D myself, but I know some good people who do, and they seem to like it quite a bit. Maybe one of these days I’ll have to try it out. :-)

    I’ve actually been learning Blender, and I like some of the Blender-AE ties like transferring camera data back and forth.

  13. helene76

    >I found similar information on http://www.3D-news.net (not my website)

    This may help people looking for information on the topic. You can also e-mail me if you need some tips : heln@3D-pc.eu