>Create Your Own Photoshop Filters

For a hobby-scripter as myself, FilterForge seems like a great resource for creating not only seemlesly tiling textures, but it will output normal maps, bump maps and other types of useful textures for 3D creation. And it’s node-based, supports 32-bit and HDRI and is totally procedural, meaning it can render to any resolution you want. How’s that for a fully buzz-word compliant feature set?

I haven’t had time to try it out yet (I’m way behind on my FX PHD classes and my workstation is busy churning out 2K, 16-bit satellite image fly-throughs around the clock.)

A temporally enhanced version for After Effects would be a nice feature for version 1.1, but for now it only supports Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Painter, Photo-Paint and Paint Shop Pro.

Post a comment if you create anything cool!

FilterForge Beta (Win only)

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