>Daily News and Podcasts from NAB 2007

>I guess I’m the only one stuck at home. Thankfully, everyone who’s at NAB 2007 is reporting so here’s a few of the podcats and sites I check everyday during the event.

Please add a comment if you have any tips for other good sources!

fxguide Excellent podcast and daily reporting with in-depth knowledge

This Week in Media At bit Apple-fanboyish, and what happened to the “daily NAB reports?”

Digital Production Buzz The veteran of podcasting and daily NAB reports.

FreshDV Ambitious video coverage (16 videos to date)

Digital Content Producer blog

Studio Daily news

Toolfarm podcast

Apple News from NAB

Adobe NAB presentations

- Jonas

Photo by Tiffany Babylon

3 Responses to >Daily News and Podcasts from NAB 2007

  1. Oskar


    I am Swedish, and it would be interesting to get your opinion on the new graphics and studio at TV4.

    My personal opinion is that the videographics are pathetic (a blinking red dot on a black background) and that the lower thirds are much too small and illisible.

    Moreover, the background is much too dark behind the presenters of the news (a syndrome that also exists at SVT). How come Swedish TV does such a bad lighting? Everything is black! Compare with the BBC and CNN, where the lighting is much less depressive.

  2. SebRob

    >I agree – some thoughts about this change would be fun to read.

  3. Jonas Hummelstrand

    >Hey, the broadcast market in Sweden is really small, and you guys want me to criticize TV4′s new, ugly and totally illegible on-air design? That wouldn’t be a very smart career-move, now would it?