>Free Plugin for Relighting 3D Inside After Effects

>Do you hate to go back and forth between your 3D app and After Effects, just to tweak the lighting so that it will match your composite? If you render out a quick normal map, you can easily and quickly move and change the lighting of your 3D renders.

Now there’s a free alternative to the commercial ZBornToy and WalkerFX Channel Lighting. Stefan Minning has kindly released a set of plugins for free, called Normality & Reality, so check them out.

They’re Windows only for now, the OS X version is apparently waiting for the Universal release of After Effects.

- Jonas

3 Responses to >Free Plugin for Relighting 3D Inside After Effects

  1. KGB

    >Nice dude, thanx!

  2. Nat

    >many thanks . . . I’ll be teaching a multi-pass rendering class, and this tool will be handy for sure . … I’ll start testing it, and encourage student to use it right away, anyone happen to know good resources or references on related stuff, drop a post :)


  3. Jonas Hummelstrand

    >There’ll be several classes at fxphd this term that will be covering multi-pass: http://generalspecialist.com/2008/07/even-more-great-vfx-courses.asp