>FX PHD Classes Start Today


As I’m a big fan of the fxguide podcast I was quick to sign up for the promising online training at fxphd. The first class started today, and it covered multi-cam “bullet-time” effects.

3 Responses to >FX PHD Classes Start Today

  1. Anonymous

    >Helt otroligt, helt fantastiskt världens starkaste otroligast blogg! Dunder Jocke!!

  2. Anonymous

    >Yeah,,, fxphd looks real interesting. So far I am sitting out the first term,,, way too busy at the present. But I am really considering joining up for the second term just to take the roto class.

    How do you like fxphd so far? Can you tell us more?

  3. Jonas Hummelstrand

    >Well, I’ve signed up for 4 classes (AE201, MAX201, FCP101 and BKG101) but I haven’t had time to do more than look at some of the classes yet.
    From what I’ve seen they have exactly the focus on what I’m after, even though I might find the AE class a bit too basic (but I’ve picked up really good workflow tips from really basic training, so there’s always something to learn!)

    Sometimes I dream of being locked up in an isolation cell for a year with just a computer and an Internet connection. Having three kids and a family life means that training must take place after midnight… :-/