>Get Poser 5 for Free (No Lunch Required)

>If you hurry up you can get a full version of Poser 5 just for registering. Poser may get a bad rap from seasoned 3D pros, but you can’t compare Poser’s quick models to spending 500+ hours of modeling and rigging on a single character.

So hide your pride (just like ILM allegedly did when they put Poser figures in the background of at least one Star Wars film.)

Get Poser 5 for Free

– Jonas

2 Responses to >Get Poser 5 for Free (No Lunch Required)

  1. Peter Kirn

    >Hey, I don’t know which 3d “pros” have been knocking Poser, but the software was originally the creation of legendary developer and Academy/Emmy-winning effects artist Larry Weinberg. That ought to count for something. It just hasn’t fared as well since the demise of Fractal Design and MetaCreations.

  2. Jonas Hummelstrand

    >Thanks for your comment. I wasn’t knocking Poser, I was trying to be sarcastic about those who think that you have to spend 100+ hours on modelling and rigging your own character instead, even if it will only be used in the background.

    That reminds me, I have to try the download links for Poser again, they’ve been busy as can be the last days.