>HDMI Camera Capture and Online JPEG Codec for HD Resolution

>IBC will bring a lot of goodies, but here’s a couple from one of my favorite companies: BlackMagic Design.

Intensity and DeckLink HD Studio: HD Capture, editing and playback cards for HDMI. Conveniently, Sony just announced two cameras with HDMI output, the HDR-FX7 and the HVR-V1E.
Like FreshDV speculates, this would make it possible to ingest uncompressed HD from a really cheap HD camera into a really cheap card. However, there’s no mention of the bit-depth or the color sampling rate either, so this might not be the HD-SDI-killer, but it sure is cheap.

On-Air 2.0: Live Event HD Mixer for OS X.

The new Online JPEG codec is designed for HDTV production. The press release mentions both “4:2:2 color sampling” and “full color sampling” so I guess the jury is still out on what the codec can actually deliver.

- Jonas

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