>HDTV: Behind the Scenes of the World Cup Broadcasts


I just saw the beautiful HD feed (720p/50) of the Soccer World Cup on a 60-inchish Pioneer plasma display. As we Swedes like to see the score and the time during the whole game, the Swedish broadcaster SVT has adds these on-air graphics via a viz|RT HD-system that started supporting 720p/50 just days before the broadcast.

Here’s a sample of links to more info about the host broadcaster’s and their 2.000 staff running minimum of 20 HD cameras per stadium:

Behind the Scenes Article

On-air graphics samples

Production presentations with camera positions, etcetera

New media production presentation

Read more at [dailywireless.org] and [Engadget]

At last, here’s a document about SVT’s High Definition Multi Format Test Set

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