>If You Built a TV Studio Today, What Would You Build?

>I’ve spent the last few years around TV studios that have slowly been upgraded to handle new additions like 16:9, overlapping projectors, animated LED lighting. In the good-old tradition of public service, everything installed has been proprietary and expensive broadcast equipment.

This slow update-cycle means that older equipment is moved to shows deemed less important. I’m currently re-rendering a title sequence I did four months ago for a show that was shot in 4:3 since their old cameras didn’t have a widescreen option. This season they are changing to 16:9…

That’s why it’s so interesting to see a behind-the-scenes look at how Revision3 is building a studio using cheaper equipment, based on the production principles of today, rather than yesterday. So much has happened in post-production that seemed impossible just a few years ago, and it’s inspiring to not have to fight old broadcast engineers that want to spend great wads of cash on dinosaur stuff.
I love how the studio engineer gets all worked up over all the equipment.
“I love patch-bays!”

PS. There’s a HD QuickTime available if you want to get motion-sickness from the really bad camera handling.
“It aint’t rebel if it ain’t shaky…”

- Jonas

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