>Interval timer for Canon EOS 350D / Digital Rebel XT

>There’s a thread on the AE-list on the Digital Rebel XT / EOS 350D digital camera. As I’m working on a project of building my own interval timer I thought I’d post a picture of it on a breadboard.

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  1. henry b

    >Oooh, you’re building an intervalometer. Can’t wait to see how it comes out. You came up with your own schematic?

  2. Jonas Hummelstrand

    >Last summer I found out about the Basic Stamp, a programmable IC that will let even humble scripters as myself build a real physical thingamajig. I ordered the IC plus a backlit 2×16 character LCD display, a realtime clock IC plus a quartz crystal and started to look through tutorials ans examples. By combining a couple of schematics I figured out how to poll the realtime clock for the time, and started to build a Basic program to count. The schematic is really very simple.

    I got as far as getting the that part to work, and am now building the UI menus that will let me use cursor keys to set the time and change all the other settings.

    I’ll post more as I pick up the project where it was left last summer, my goal is to connect the camera by August. :-)

  3. Bombelman

    >I’m very curious how this item turned out and I’m interested in doing one myself too… If possible, please contact me at bombelman.com

    Regards, George@bombelman.com

  4. Jonas Hummelstrand

    >I got pretty far, getting the countdown timer routines to work and I had started coding the menu system before I got bored. Now I’m reusing the Basic Stamp to drive a motorized pan & tilt camera head controlled by a joystick. I hope to have something to post about it after Christmas.