>"It’s Not HD" – First Moving Sample From the Red Camera

>I’ve got a notoriously cranky collegue that always finds something to complain about when it comes to HD. I’ve been trying to discuss the HVX200 and other cameras that we have, but last time he claimed that:

None of today’s cameras are HD!

When I asked what he meant, since many of the professional and even some of the prosumer cameras are now have a true HD capture sensor, but the reason was apparently that he thought they all used too much compression. I bit my tongue considering he was recently instrumental in buying over 30 DVCPRO25 and DVCPRO50 cameras (that according to his own reasoning couldn’t even be SD since apparently it’s all about the compression and not the resolution…)

I won’t even mention what the same collegue said about the Red Camera but so far his statement applies to their first test footage that has just been posted as a torrent. It’s a 15 second clip at 106 MB, 8-bit 24p QuickTime with 1024 by 512 resolution compressed with the Motion JPEG A codec. Go get the torrent and keep it seeding until we get higher resolutions to marvel at!

- Jonas

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