>Must…Get…One… The RED ONE Camera Shows Off 4K at IBC

>I might be more of a Dope than a DoP, but I can spot an industry-disruptor, and the RED ONE camera has just showed some test footage at IBC.

As usual, HD for Indies has a good couple of posts on the 4K projections (make sure you check out the comments on each post, they contain a lot more info!), and the RED site has been updated with more info (but no downloadable footage yet.) Also, check out the ultimate irony, a handheld video posted on YouTube showing the 4K projections and the following Q&A.

They’re also working on a codec that turns the raw capture of 323 MB/s (that’s bytes, not bits) into 27.5 MB/s for 24p shooting.

- Jonas

>HDMI Camera Capture and Online JPEG Codec for HD Resolution

>IBC will bring a lot of goodies, but here’s a couple from one of my favorite companies: BlackMagic Design.

Intensity and DeckLink HD Studio: HD Capture, editing and playback cards for HDMI. Conveniently, Sony just announced two cameras with HDMI output, the HDR-FX7 and the HVR-V1E.
Like FreshDV speculates, this would make it possible to ingest uncompressed HD from a really cheap HD camera into a really cheap card. However, there’s no mention of the bit-depth or the color sampling rate either, so this might not be the HD-SDI-killer, but it sure is cheap.

On-Air 2.0: Live Event HD Mixer for OS X.

The new Online JPEG codec is designed for HDTV production. The press release mentions both “4:2:2 color sampling” and “full color sampling” so I guess the jury is still out on what the codec can actually deliver.

- Jonas

>New and Free: AlphaPlugins FirTree

>Here’s a plugin developer I’d never heard of, but what better way to get known than to offer a free download?

Even if you aren’t forced to do Christmas jingles, I’m sure you can come up with creative uses for AlphaPlugins FirTree! Windows-only, unfortunately…

PS. If you like it, make sure to support the South Korean-based developer Maxim Chernousov by buying some of his for-pay plugins!

Thanks to Rich at AE Portal News for the tip!

- Jonas

>Three-Way Color Corrector for After Effects 7

>Here’s a powerful color corrector for After Effects. It’s actually the same plugin that ships with Premiere Pro 2.0, but you can only access it when you import a PPro clip, or by using this Animation Preset.

Unfortunately this PPro legacy makes it Windows-only. The other drawback is that you don’t get the fancy GUI, only a whole lotta sliders…

Three-Way Color Corrector Animation Preset for After Effects 7

Thanks to Nicklas Larsson for the tip!

- Jonas

>Tutorial: How to Preview the Size of Text and Graphics for Broadcast and Film

>Do you want to preview how big the text and graphics will look on a TV while still working on your computer? Here’s how!

1. Create a document with the same height in pixels as your output format. Most software nowadays have presets that also includes the so called safe areas that shows you how much of the standard TV image is masked by the TV.
2. Make sure you are viewing the document at 100% in your graphics program of choice.
3. Then use a common ruler to measure on the screen according to the table below.
4. Multiply this distance by 2 for film shown at movie theatres/cinemas, 4 for standard TV (SD) and by 6 for HD TV, and place your eyes at this distance.

TV system

Document height Measure this on your screen
Standard definition PAL and SECAM: 576 pixels 518 pixels inside the “safe area”
Standard definition NTSC: 540 (square) pixels 486 pixels inside the “safe area”
HD TV 720p / 720i: 720 pixels 720 pixels (all pixels are shown on the HD TV)
HD TV 1080p / 1080i: 1080 pixels 1080 pixels (all pixels are shown on the HD TV)

Example: You’ve created a document for NTSC and want to preview how big your text will look.
Zoom your document to 100% magnification. Grab a ruler and place it on your monitor. Measure the distance inside the safe area. In this case it turns out to be 10 inches, so therefore you should put your eyes at 60 inches away from your computer monitor.

Here’s the theory behind this method:
European viewers tend to sit approx. 2.6 meters (8.5 feet) or six times the picture height from their standard 32” widescreen TV. This distance can be described as 6H.

When the viewer upgrades to a new HD TV, the perceived picture will be bigger (unless the viewer redecorates the living room, tears down a wall and moves the sofa further away from the set.)

The viewer will therefore sit four times the picture height (4H) away from the HD TV, no matter what HD TV format is used (720i, 720p, 1080i and 1080p.)

At the movies / cinemas the viewing distance is of course very dependant on if you sit up front or in the back, but the general rule is that the viewing distance is around 2H.

Stay tuned for a tutorial on how much you must increase/decrease the size of your text and graphics when you go from a SD to an HD TV production.

Thanks to Lars Haglund and Gunnar Kihlander at SVT for the concept!

– Jonas

>The Best AE List is Back Online

>My favorite mailing list is back online after a disastourous thunderstorm over Stockholm. Listmaster René has been busy getting the disks fixed, but unfortunately the only subscriber list that could be salvaged is from February 2005.

That means anyone who unsubscribed after this date is going to find
themselves back on the list. That’s annoying, we’re sorry, but it’s
the best we could do.

Anyone who subscribed with ANY email address (or an old timer who changed email) AFTER FEBRUARY 2005, is NOT back on the list and we must communicate to them how to get back on again. Please do your best to pass the word to anyone you know that they may need to resubscribe.

You can subscribe at media-motion.tv

- Jonas

>Get Poser 5 for Free (No Lunch Required)

>If you hurry up you can get a full version of Poser 5 just for registering. Poser may get a bad rap from seasoned 3D pros, but you can’t compare Poser’s quick models to spending 500+ hours of modeling and rigging on a single character.

So hide your pride (just like ILM allegedly did when they put Poser figures in the background of at least one Star Wars film.)

Get Poser 5 for Free

– Jonas

>Please Update Your Subscription Address

>If you’re subscribing to this blog via a news reader (which you really should be) you might not see the entire posts with links and images.

As the song goes:

I blame it on the sun, I blame it on the moon, I blame it on Feedburner.com

I’ve updated to links to the RSS feed that will let you subscribe to this blog, but if you’re already subscribed please change to the correct address:

— Jonas

>300+ New Plugins

>The public beta is now open for the new FreeFrame Host for After Effects. It’s Windows only for now.

Here’s more info on FreeForm.

Thanks to Rich at AE Portal News for the tip!

>Quite a Readership!

>I just looked at the web stats for this blog for the first time, and realized that you guys have requested 10.997 web pages in August only! That’s way beyond any expectations I had when starting this blog as a simple and ugly dumping ground for tips that I thought were good enough to share.

Thanks for your great comments and all the encouragement, keep’em coming! And if you find something useful, please: Each One Teach One

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