>Create Your Own Photoshop Filters

For a hobby-scripter as myself, FilterForge seems like a great resource for creating not only seemlesly tiling textures, but it will output normal maps, bump maps and other types of useful textures for 3D creation. And it’s node-based, supports 32-bit and HDRI and is totally procedural, meaning it can render to any resolution you want. How’s that for a fully buzz-word compliant feature set?

I haven’t had time to try it out yet (I’m way behind on my FX PHD classes and my workstation is busy churning out 2K, 16-bit satellite image fly-throughs around the clock.)

A temporally enhanced version for After Effects would be a nice feature for version 1.1, but for now it only supports Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Painter, Photo-Paint and Paint Shop Pro.

Post a comment if you create anything cool!

FilterForge Beta (Win only)

>Quick Islamic 3D Move

I love it when people share techniques they come up with when playing around. Here’s a neat little recipe for a kaleidoscopic effect with a 3D move in After Effects by Matthew Frederick Davis Hemming.

Organica Islam Tutorial

>HDTV: Behind the Scenes of the World Cup Broadcasts


I just saw the beautiful HD feed (720p/50) of the Soccer World Cup on a 60-inchish Pioneer plasma display. As we Swedes like to see the score and the time during the whole game, the Swedish broadcaster SVT has adds these on-air graphics via a viz|RT HD-system that started supporting 720p/50 just days before the broadcast.

Here’s a sample of links to more info about the host broadcaster’s and their 2.000 staff running minimum of 20 HD cameras per stadium:

Behind the Scenes Article

On-air graphics samples

Production presentations with camera positions, etcetera

New media production presentation

Read more at [dailywireless.org] and [Engadget]

At last, here’s a document about SVT’s High Definition Multi Format Test Set

>Interval timer for Canon EOS 350D / Digital Rebel XT

>There’s a thread on the AE-list on the Digital Rebel XT / EOS 350D digital camera. As I’m working on a project of building my own interval timer I thought I’d post a picture of it on a breadboard.

>"For some it feels like religion" anno 1995

>Here’s a fantastic promotional video for After Effects 3.0 that Michele Yamazaki at Toolfarm has posted.
Great to see faces of some of the gurus at my favorite mailing list AE-list sing the praises of features such as “time-remapping” and “unlimited number of effects.”

Adobe After Effects 3.0 Reel

>Primed and Ready: Learn the Basics of Digital Video

>It never ceases to surprise me how many artists find that issues of resolutions, framerates and compression are complete mysteries. I spent five hours early this morning (on my day off) fixing renders that someone had managed to mess up, so in the interest of not having to do that again, here are three short primers from Adobe on stuff that we’ll have a quiz on next week! :-)

Compression Primer sums up the basics of audio and video compression.

SD digital video primer: An introduction to DV production, post-production, and delivery sums up the basics of a standard definition workflow.

HD digital video primer: Understanding and using high-definition video sums up the basics of a high definition workflow.

>4×4: Your Next Workstation?


AMD’s planning to release a dual-processor, dual-core, quad-GPU system spec (hence the corny name) that not only seems ideal for graphics application, but it would also suggest that you should invest in power companies.

PC Perspective

Photo by Capt Kim

>Read-up on the HVX200

>Panasonic has released a guidebook on the lovely AG-HVX200 HD-camcorder. It’s a great way to read more about the camera before you get your hands on one. There’s also other related material, as well as an NTSC version of the guide, on the main site.

HVX200 Guidebook, PAL (direct link to PDF)

>The Basics of Digital Video

>I constantly try to explain the fundamentals of video to anyone who doesn’t cover their ears, and I think I’ve found a soulmate. :-)

videogrunt is the video podcast that illustrates the basic terms and technologies of digital video

I haven’t had time to watch any of the three episodes yet, but it sure looks promising.

>Beautiful HD for MTV

PSYOP has done it again. This time it’s branding for MTV’s new HD channel. Edgy and distinct, definately worth a look!
PSYOP Creates Visual Haiku for MTV HD

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