>Using more than 2GB of RAM in After Effects

UPDATE: This old technique has since been replaced by real operation systems with 64-bit capabilities, so I suggest you use either Windows Vista 64, Windows 7 64-bit or Mac OS X. I also strongly suggest you backup everything before you do any modification to your OS, anything else would be really, really foolish.

If you are as RAM-frustrated as I am (I’m running a 750 frames long 2K render in 16-bit in the background right now) you’ll be happy to know that you can bump up After Effects RAM-usage over the Windows XP limit of 2 GB by changing a simple command in a text file.

How to set this up is so poorly described in the AE manual that I’ve actually filed it as a bug. It only says:

See the Microsoft website for details.

I spent 30 minutes searching until I finally found out how to do this, which I thought I’d share with you:

The limit under Windows XP is 3 GB of RAM (that is per instance of AE, so you can easily start more than one if you have Windows XPx64, but plain XP only supports a total of 4 GB of RAM for the whole system.)
On Mac OS X AE can use up to 3.5 GB of RAM, and on 64-bit Windows XP each instance of After Effects can use up to 4GB of RAM with no special configuration.

Here’s more background information for the geeky:
RAM, Virtual Memory, Pagefile and all that stuff
The /3GB switch

UPDATE: The process for Windows Vista is now described in a comment on the LiveDocs site.

>HDR Photography in Photoshop CS2

>Here’s a tutorial I stumbled on recently. Apart from discussing the actual steps needed at the shoot and in Photoshop, the tutorial also deals with some HDR theory.
High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography in Photoshop CS2

Check out the other tutorials as well.

>FX PHD Classes Start Today


As I’m a big fan of the fxguide podcast I was quick to sign up for the promising online training at fxphd. The first class started today, and it covered multi-cam “bullet-time” effects.

>Awesome Photo Interaction

Another inspirational site: it’s Getty Images that has comissioned ten Flash pieces with their stock photos as a base.

My favorites are the two ones made by Andries Odendaal

10 ways by Getty Images

>Stylish Flash Animation

>Inspirational animation!


>4.000 CPUs at ILM’s render farm

>Here’s a nice geeky story about the rendering capabilities of ILM. AMD’s CPUs Help Put The Magic In Lucasfilm’s Special Effects | MobilityGuru

>Photoshop CS2 update (9.0.1)

>There’s a patch for Photoshop CS2, upgrading it into the fenomenal version number CS2 9.0.1. :-)

The patch hasn’t been posted on the main download page yet, but you can find links on this great Adobe blog:
John Nack on Adobe


>Just found there’s a small GUI app called OpenGLXtractor Windows Tool created to simplify the configuration of the great OpenGL geometry extractor OGLE.
There’s also a SourceForge.net Forum.

>Google Earth IRL

>Using the nifty OGLE to print 3D models of Ground Zero.

NYC 3D Prints

>QuickTime 7.1 released

>As always, it’s impossible to find release notes for a QuickTime upgrade, but this time it seems to be a lot of security fixes.

QuickTime 7.1 delivers numerous important bug fixes and addresses critical security issues. This update is highly recommended for all QuickTime 7 users.

Standalone QuickTime 7.1 Download

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