>Record HD video on SD cards

>It will take a long time until Panasionic’s P2 memory cards will be affordable, so Panasonic is reportedly working on a consumer solution involving HD footage recording onto SD memory cards.

Panasonic technology records HD images on SD cards

>Something for your next motion control rig: Make Controller Kit

>Here’s a fun controller that should come in handy for a motion control rig of some kind (at least one can be allowed to dream of new projects, right?)
MakeZine.com: Controller Kit

>New chip for Propeller heads

>Last year, I got a kick out of building “something real” instead of just mucking about in 3D and scripting. I ordered a BASIC Stamp micro processor and started to build a time-lapse controller for my Canon 350D / Digital Rebel.

It’s not finished yet, but it’s coming along pretty nicely with an LCD display and the code for the counting, the menues and the settings pretty much done.

I just found out there’s a new Propeller Chip that’s far more powerful and can do multi-processing, so I expect the robot builders will go crazy with this one.


>Trapcode Particular 1.5 released

>My all-time favorite AE plugin has just had a free! update. New features includes Depth of Field and Motion Path.
Trapcode Particular 1.0 Help

>fxguide podcast: Fluid Simulations and VFX at ILM

>There’s a new episode and article from my favorite VFX source: fxguide

This time it’s about fluid simulations algoritms and software created by 100 people during the course of a year. Perhaps they didn’t know about the Make Ocean menu item in Maya. ;-)

Wipe out: ‘Poseidon’ Fluid Simulations and VFX at ILM

>Steadicam with wireless interviewer

The Inquisitor

>Record JavaScript from Photoshop CS2

>Here’s a great tip for those of us who like to automate Photoshop:
Installing and using the ScriptingListener plug-in

I’d love to try it out for a project I’m currently working on where I need to cut up huge satellite images into 2.048 by 2.048 layer tiles in order for After Effects to be able to use the images in fly-bys.

>SGI in deep freeze

>SGI has filed for Chapter 11. Here’s an alternative use for the workstations that have now been freed of their SLA:s:

SGI – The Silicon Graphics Refrigerator Project

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