>Patches for After Effects CS4 and Premiere Pro CS4


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After Effects 9.0.1 patch for Mac OS X
After Effects 9.0.1 patch for Windows
Read me file (PDF)

Premiere Pro 4.0.1 patch for Mac OS X
Premiere Pro 4.0.1 patch for Windows
Read me file (PDF)

Here’s the goodies from the read me files:

Notable fixes in the Adobe After Effects CS4 9.0.1 patch:

  • Miscellaneous performance improvements with MediaCore video formats.
  • General improvements to Dynamic Link workflows.
  • Mocha AE doesn’t read v210 QuickTime files correctly. (49015)
  • On some systems, the application may suspend rendering when the display turns off due
    to power management or screen saver settings. (49146)
  • All Render Queue items are removed when opening or importing a saved project in which the first item has no comment, but other Render Queue items have comments. (49186)
  • Crash using “Open Layer” when multiple layers are selected if one of the selected layers does not have a source or has a collapsed transformation. (49207)
  • Auto-save is marking a project as saved; user can close project without being prompted to save changes, and multiprocessing can return old frames. (49209)
  • (Windows only) Custom eyedroppers in keying effects pick up wrong colors when clicked in custom thumbnail. (49248)
  • Exposure effect: negative offset values render garbage/underflow in 8bpc and 16bpc. (49294)
  • Puppet Tool: For a 3D layer, results are being clipped to layer bounds. (49267)
  • Importing a still sequence via Recent Footage imports only a single still instead of a sequence. (49265)
  • For some OpenGL effects in 32bpc projects, overbright colors are getting clipped.(1893997)
  • When the “Write XMP IDs to Files on Import” option is selected, MediaCore playback can make some files appear out of sync. (1880742)
  • Application may appear to hang for several minutes “Reading XMP markers from footage” (status message) with files that contain deeply nested metadata. (1874477)

New in the Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 4.0.1 patch:

  • OMF export
  • Final Cut Pro import
  • Edit in Audition (Windows only)
  • Surcode support
  • AAF import and export
  • High quality motion
  • Third-party support

Notable fixes in the Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 4.0.1 patch:

  • Attempting to trim locked tracks results in a crash (#1888355)
  • Crash on Win and error on Mac when using Numpad-Asterisk keys to generate marker when
    playing in Program Pane when Effect Controls pane is closed (#1890626)
  • Crash when the Metadata panel is brought into focus when a DVCPro HD clip is selected
  • When a filter/search is applied in the Metadata Panel and then a different asset is selected, the
    filter does not update (#1876954)
  • Custom schema causes Adobe Premiere Pro to crash performing many basic operations,
    starting with New Project (#1888938)
  • Render of transition in imported EDL-based sequence fails; on Mac, causes application to hang
    indefinitely, user must be force-quit application (#1873434)
  • After ASND is saved, an effect is always ON if it turns OFF while playing (#1864978)
  • Crash when attempting to load a project that contains a composition if headless Adobe
    Premiere Pro is serving Adobe After Effects (#1871578)
  • Exporting video as MPEG 4 will create a video file that imports at the incorrect length
  • Trimming both ends of a clip, then moving the clip will cause looped playback to be silent, or
    only playback portions of the clip (#1868409)
  • When exporting a timeline containing cuepoints, deleting a cue point via AME Batch-> Export
    Settings, the cue point is still present in the output file (#1866690)
  • Playing an audio-only file in the source monitor will cause the application to lock up (#1887330)
  • Exporting any MT session as 24bit WAV leads to garbled audio – Mac only (#1881684)
  • Adobe Premiere Pro allocates too much memory and reads too much data from disk when
    loading project files on the Mac (#1890579)
  • With camera connected, opening clip from Timeline into Source and selecting File  Debug
    results in a serious error (#1889197)
  • Export to tape is active from DVCPRO HD sequences (#1863718)
  • Application intermittently crashes when exporting a movie (#1868405)
  • Render and Replace of offline clips takes over 20 minutes (#1885273)
  • Application crashes when cancelling “Normalize Audio Track” dialog (#1887615)
  • When an AVCHD clip is inserted into a DV timeline with Scale to Frame Size applied, rendered
    previews of the clip show artifacts during Timeline playback (#1863988)
  • Using scale to frame size in a timeline lowers output quality and softens detail and sharpness;
    typing in scale attributes manually or using Adobe After Effects produces much better results
  • Multiplexed MPEG files exported to HD size and then imported back in to Adobe Premiere Pro
    show up as 601 color space instead of 709 color space and hence the colors of the imported
    files are off (#1852977)

Known issues in the Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 4.0.1 patch:

  • Important note: if you are using the Elemental Technologies RapiHD plug-in, you must update
    to the latest version in order to use Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 4.0.1. You can update the plug-in
    by visiting the Elemental Technologies web page: http://www.rapihd.com/?q=node/129.
  • Re-installing Adobe Premiere Pro CS4.0.0 after it has been patched will generate an error
    dialog at the end of the installation. This dialog can be ignored.
  • Uninstalling Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 after CS4 is installed will result in AME exports in CS4 to
    fail with ‘Could not read from the source’. Creating a shortcut named Premiere alongside the
    dynamiclinkmanager.exe that points to the Premiere.exe will fix the problem.
  • When converting Final Cut Pro project with Color correction applied, the color correction will be
    incorrect within Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • When converting Final Cut Pro project with Bins, the bins do not appear in Adobe Premiere Pro
    unless selected in the Final Cut Pro xml export.
  • Multicamera enable sequence with HDV clips does not playback as normal; severe drop frame
    or stopping playback occurs
  • Audio in a nested 16 channel sequence does not simultaneously playback all of its audio tracks
    in the Source Monitor.
  • File>Adobe Dynamic Link>Send to Encore selection is available when a 16 channel sequence
    is selected; however, Adobe Encore does not support 16 channel sequences.
  • File>Export>Export to OMF… selection is grayed when the Audio Mixer Panel is selected on the
  • File>Export>Export to EDL… selection is grayed when the Audio Mixer Panel is selected on the
  • 5.1 sequences use output mapping from the stereo channel column of the Preferences>Audio
    Output Mapping dialog when the audio device selected from the Map Output for menu has less
    than 6 channels.
  • All 16 channels of a 16 channel sequence are summed to mono without attenuation when
    exported as media when Audio>Basic Audio Settings>Channels is set to Mono.
  • Both odd and even numbered channels of a 16 channel sequence are summed to both stereo
    channels when exported as media when Audio>Basic Audio Settings>Channels is set to Stereo.
  • 16-channel selection does not appear in the Export Settings dialog Basic Audio Settings
    Channels menu when a 16-channel sequence is selected.
  • All channels of a 16 channel sequence are summed to Ls, Rs and Center channels when
    exported as media when Audio>Basic Audio Settings>Channels is set to 5.1.
  • Setting the Optimize Rendering preference to “Memory” is highly recommended when Max
    Quality or Max Bit Depth rendering is on. These settings are designed for high performance
    systems. Please check Adobe Online Support for recommended system requirements.
  • Loading an existing project with a P2 sequence that is missing media may cause a crash.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro crashes when importing AAF from Avid if it contains references to clips
    with OMF audio (WAVE or AIFF).
  • AAF may not provide consistent results for complex projects in formats other than DV or HDV.

- Jonas

16 Responses to >Patches for After Effects CS4 and Premiere Pro CS4

  1. Anonymous

    >Re: Review: Premiere Pro CS4
    I do not recommend Premiere Pro CS4 at this time. According to Adobe’s expert, there’s an extension conflict that Apple must fix, before it will stop crashing on launch. That’s peculiar since I saw a tutorial on using Premiere Pro being taught on a Mac. It won’t work on my iMac, 2.8 Ghz Core 2 Duo with 4 GB 667 Mhz DDR2 SDRAM. Running Mac OS X (10.5.5)

    Buyer Beware

  2. Jonas Hummelstrand

    >I’ve been running Premiere Pro CS4 on my Mac for six months and while I’ve only cut short sequences on it, I’ve never had a crash on launch.

    Whoever “Adobe’s expert” is, I’m sure she/he didn’t say there’s a conflict for all combinations of hardware/software and that it doesn’t work on Macs at all.

    If I was a buyer, I’d beware of people posting these sorts of broad and generalizing comments about stuff not working.

    The issues that I see people complaining about is long project load times when you have large projects, something I’m sure Adobe’s working on.

  3. Thomas

    >heheh, “Known issues”, these ar not issues, these are bugs.
    but nice that adobe gives us information about their lacking software.

  4. gustavo

    >hi all.. i have a question: there is a way to use my plugins for Cs3 in Cs4? i cant make it after read the plugins, for example trapcode, even if i put the plug in the show package content folder..
    or we have to wait for a newer versions?

  5. Thomas

    >”or we have to wait for a newer versions?”

    yeah, wait man. just wait. do nothing. just wait.

  6. Jonas Hummelstrand

    >Yes, you can use CS3 plugins in CS4 (haven’t heard of any that requires an upgrade.) Bring out your plugin installers and install into the CS4 folder instead.

    Some plugins work if you place an alias / shortcut of the plug into the same folder in the CS4 folder structure, but no guarantees…

  7. gustavo

    i forgot to say the problem was in a Mac pro intel,
    it worked in Pc, but i cant find a way in Mac.
    And i realize that the problem is some Redgiant plugins,3dstroke, particular,etc. not Horizon indeed, the newer. Horizon installer gave me the choice to install it in my desktop, then i put it in the ae folder and worked…
    so i tried to copy/paste from Cs3 folder to Cs4, and in the Show package content folder too,and installing in this case 3dstroke from the latest installer/updater, and it says: install on Ae 8.0 or higher, but it doesnt allow me to put the plug manually…
    please,anyone has the same problem?

    merry xmas 4 all!

  8. gustavo

    >finally i got the solution, i just had to wait until the installer run a third screen after to put to install it in a higher version and it asked me in wich version then..
    thx anyway!

  9. Matt

    >Dual Intel Quad-Core Mac (2.8s), 8GB Ram, Nvidia 8800. Running Leopard. Files are on a Sonnet 5-Drive eSata Raid.

    Pretty much exclusively working with ProRes codec. The machine has FCP and the product is going to FCP machines, so we just stay ProRes.

    Having a hell of a time with CS4. AE7 on our G5 Quad runs about par or sometimes faster (faster previewing) than CS4 and the Intel.

    Just wondering if this is purely a RAM thing and that we need to beef up the system to optimize for CS4? How much RAM can I actually allocate to each core? How much RAM does OSX typically require? I’ve seen fragments of answers to the above around, but am having trouble putting the pieces together (at least relating specifically to AE and not PS, PP, and/or Illustrator).

    Have also thought about NucleoPro. Is it helpful for CS4? And can it help in Preview times?


  10. Anonymous

    >Any idea why my CS4 After effects still crashs when I use the twirl and warp effects together in a comp ? I have installed the update to 9.01 and it crashes rather Multi core processing is on or off ?

  11. Anonymous

    >Hi, I am using APCS4 and I found Adobe is incorrect. This software has bugs. My problem is that I have to wait 45 minutes when my project-file open. I use 100 hours of 720p videofile, m2t files. I’d like use AVID or FCP but Avid converting and this fileformat is a problem for Mac. So I wait 45 minutes and Premiere CS4 relaunch min. 3x per day! This is more than 2 hours for waiting my work.

    And I didn’t say about other fileformat, like mts or 1080p Apple intermediate codec. Jesus!

    Intel Core 2 Quad 2.8 8GB RAM

  12. Anonymous

    >I still find After Effects CS4 to be ridden with bugs. I wish I hadn’t “upgraded” from CS3 until they had them all worked out.

  13. Anonymous

    >I’ve been having a problem with premiere CS4.0.1 when uploading video from my sony HDD camera. The audio isn’t being picked up anymore. I’ve been trying to revert back to 4.0 but it won’t let me.

  14. Todd Kopriva
  15. Todd Kopriva

    >There's now an After Effects CS4 (9.0.3) update: http://bit.ly/dd0rIe

    This update fixes several bugs.

  16. Tad

    >I am having Problems with my Video Clips being imported as assets. When placed in timeline the video spans out to 40 minutes for a 3 minute clip. I delete and re import, works, but when opening on another day, the file reverts back to 40 minute. this leaves the trimmed clip to be really slow motion effect. Any ideas what is going on?