>Photoshop CS4 Will Be 64-bit on Windows Only

>What does this mean for you as a Photoshop user? That working with large images on Windows Vista64 machines will be a lot faster. Don’t expect everything to be faster in 64-bit, though, as Photoshop architect Scott Byers wrote in 2006.

So why won’t the OS X version of Photoshop CS4 be 64-bit when the recently posted Lightroom 2.0 beta is 64-bit? All “older” Mac applications such as Photoshop, After Effects and even Apple’s Final Cut Pro and iTunes are developed on the Carbon framework. Last year Apple canceled the 64-bit roadmap for Carbon so only applications built on the newer Cocoa framework will be able to be 64-bit-enabled, even though Steve Jobs in 2006 said “You can have fully native 64-bit UI Carbon or Cocoa applications.”

For more in-depth explanations (and conspiracy comments) please see Adobe Product Manager John Nack’s blog. There’s also an FAQ: Plans for 64-bit processing support in Photoshop (PDF.)

It’s still unclear if Photoshop CS4 will run on Windows XPx64 or if Vista64 (oh, the horror!) will be required.

- Jonas

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  1. vade

    >Fuck. That sucks ass.

    What is actually quite interesting is that Apple internally HAS A WORKING fully 64 bit carbon – it was released with developer previews of 10.5, but politics decided they would not release all of carbon as true 64 bit compliant. Oh Apple, I love to love you, but you make it so hard.

    While you can have carbon apps be 64 bit behind the scenes and use Cocoa for the front end, obviously maintaining that sort of codebase in a monstrously complex cross platform app like Photoshop is a deal breaker.

    I guess ill be installing a shit ton of PCs next year in the graphics houses I work at. Ugh.

    Whats amusing is now folks will boot their Mac Pro in Vista 64 bit to USE PHOTOSHOP. Oh the irony.

    Btw, thanks for all the posts – youre AE tips have been helpful troubleshooting in the field.

  2. Anonymous

    >I’m not sure it’s such a deal-breaker, unless you are working on 1 GB+ files all the time.

    I remember last year on the night of the WWDC 2007 keynote when an Adobe engineer (not from the PS team, though) over a beer told me that their 64-bit plan had just been hosed by Steve.

  3. stephen v2

    >I think the Vista64 vs x64 has a lot to do with what happens with Vista over the next 12 to 18 months and exactly when CS4 goes in wide beta.

    Right now, XP keeping getting new leases on life and I would not be totally surprised if Adobe during beta make the tweaks necessary to run it on x64, even if ends up technically “unsupported”.

    Vista SP1 did not fix the performance issues that most post people are sticking with XP at this point.

  4. Anonymous

    >This is pity for those of us who have Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III’s or larger format professional cameras. We could have used the power of a 64 bit version of CS4. What a strange irony that our incredibly powerful multi-core-64-bit MacPro’s will be put in a straight jacket because someone at Apple wants us to buy Aperture.

    I agree with vade that this will undoubtedly deflect Windows refugees back to Microsoft. I think that this is just plain short sighted marketing on Apple’s part. Apple wonders why its stock does not perform better and this is a clear example of the kind of myopic thinking that holds Apple back from even greater success.

  5. Agust Gudbjornsson

    >Great article as usual, thanks for keeping up the posts, read it all the time through your feed.

    But to the content, I just thought more and more pro people where moving over to the mac´s, even the bigger schools are switching out hundreds of PC´s over to the iMac in Denmark where I life for instance.

    Adobe seem to have some major faults in the mac dev´s, like the After Effect problem that we had on the mac intel for example. Why are they always several steps behind …

    This effects me at least bunch, since I work with large photos from time to time, and though I have 6GB of ram on dual core mac pro, Photoshop still has its long loading time in some processes.
    Everything to minimize it of course is step forward.

  6. Jonas Hummelstrand


    If you read the linked article, you’ll see why this is not really Adobe’s fault, since it is Apple who has stopped the dev platform that they recommended for a 64-bit path.