>Premiere is Back on the Mac

>Adobe is giving Apple a run for its NLE-money when it will bring Premiere Pro as part of the next version of the Production Studio Bundle, which was previously only available for Windows.

There’s no mention of any new features in the official press release, but the next version of the bundle will be available “mid 2007″ and will also include another new Mac software: Encore DVD.

- Jonas

4 Responses to >Premiere is Back on the Mac

  1. Anonymous

    >Are the porting Audition to?

  2. Jonas Hummelstrand

    >”Adobe Soundbooth” is a new easier-to-use-than-Audition audio application that has public beta that you can try for free. It’s available for Intel-Macs and Windows.

    Here’s a quote from the press release I linked to:
    “Adobe Soundbooth will take the place of Adobe Audition in the next version of Adobe Production Studio. Adobe Audition will continue to be developed for audio professionals as a stand-alone product for Windows.”

  3. KGB

    >Stand alone? That kinda sux. Hopefully it wont be overpriced…

  4. Jonas Hummelstrand

    >You can buy Audition 2.0 (the current version) as a standalone license today for $349, which can hardly be called overpriced.

    For me, Audition is over-featured, since I realized a long time ago I’m not a sound-kinda’guy (bless my old piano teacher.)