>Primed and Ready: Learn the Basics of Digital Video

>It never ceases to surprise me how many artists find that issues of resolutions, framerates and compression are complete mysteries. I spent five hours early this morning (on my day off) fixing renders that someone had managed to mess up, so in the interest of not having to do that again, here are three short primers from Adobe on stuff that we’ll have a quiz on next week! :-)

Compression Primer sums up the basics of audio and video compression.

SD digital video primer: An introduction to DV production, post-production, and delivery sums up the basics of a standard definition workflow.

HD digital video primer: Understanding and using high-definition video sums up the basics of a high definition workflow.

3 Responses to >Primed and Ready: Learn the Basics of Digital Video

  1. enriquehernandis@gmail.com

    >hi, can´t open the link, don´t know why…
    keep up with uor invaluable work!

  2. Jonas Hummelstrand

    >I had to do a bit of hacking to find the URLs to the PDFs.

    The Compression and the SD docs works fine, but I had fumbled on the HD doc, it should be fixed now.

  3. Todd

    >Here’s a new link to an even larger collection of digital video and audio primers: